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How to be a Cock Hero

What exactly  is Cock heroCock hero describes Guitar Hero for Porn as one kind of game, but that is a difficult thing to pin down; Cock Hero is a porn game using music and visual...

Posted on 12/21/2022

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How to Prepare Anal fisting

Fisting is a sexual activity that involves the skillful insertion of the entire hand into the vagina or rectum. Fisting may be performed without a partner, but it is most often a partnered...

Posted on 12/20/2022

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What Is It Like For A Guy To Have Sex For The First Time?

While you might have heard of or read things about having sex, you do not know how it is going to feel the first time. No matter your age or circumstances, having sex for the first...

Posted on 12/14/2022

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Does Anal Sex Always Feel Good For Bottoms?

For all you people who never bottomed because you thought that the partner s penis was too big, or anal sex was too painful for any partner, or that I could not make this bottomed...

Posted on 12/12/2022

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What Does Sex Feel Like For A Teenager

Sex can often seem like an intense subject in teenagehood, but it does not mean that you cannot have a good time laughing about and enjoying yourself. It is okay if you and your friends...

Posted on 11/25/2022

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Why Does Sex Feel Better In The Morning?

So many people usually wonder about the timing of sex. Some say the night is the best time for extra play, and some say early morning is best. Several studies suggest that the morning...

Posted on 11/18/2022

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Does Age Influence Sexual Performance?

It's common to believe that age plays a significant role in sexual performance. Many people believe that as a person ages, his sexual stamina or desire for sex diminishes. However,...

Posted on 11/14/2022

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Is Daily Sex Good For Health?

A healthy sexual life benefits your entire health, and there may not be any better way to do that than simply making love with your partner daily. Not only is it reproductively beneficial,...

Posted on 11/10/2022

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How Important Is Sexual Life For A Woman?

Many women see sexuality as the most profound form of love and bonding, and many women are highly sexually-oriented. For many women, especially women over the age of 40 or going through...

Posted on 11/03/2022

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How sex toys bring happiness in couple lifes

Most sexual therapists insist that, for couples, using sex toys and other sexual products, as long as both parties are comfortable, eager, and interested in doing so, can be a...

Posted on 10/28/2022

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