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What are the great rewards for POE 3.19's new Lake of Kalandra?

What rewards can I get in the latest Lake of Kalandra? Mirror of Kalandra is the most mysterious and rare item in POE 3.19, and also the most expensive, so what are we looking for...

Posted on 09/01/2022

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What does the new Path of Exile 3.19 patch 3.19.0d include?

The biggest issues so far after going live in 3.19 revolved around loot and monster power. Even after adjustment, loot drops are less. There is a lot less Path of Exile Currency around...

Posted on 08/28/2022

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Path of Exile: New lightning gems from Lake of Kalandra!

Lake of Kalandra is the latest update to Path of Exile and the setting theme for the start of the new League. Players can visit the Lake of Kalandra using mirrors and battle hordes...

Posted on 08/25/2022

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Where is the more detailed Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra Expansion?

The biggest issue encountered in Path of Exile 3.19 comes down to random loot. In short, players complained about not getting POE Currency drops, and they were unhappy with the relatively...

Posted on 08/23/2022

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Madden 23 is playable on all platforms

As a new generation of football video games, Madden NFL 23, developed by EA, went live on August 19 and is now meeting sports game fans around the world. Madden 23 launched two versions:...

Posted on 08/22/2022

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