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New Bestseller: The Mastermind Effect by Ken Hardison

Mastermind Groups, if executed properly, are one of the biggest game-changers for any business owner. Ken Hardison has lived the “Mastermind Effect” in his own law firms...

Posted on 05/19/2022

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New Bestseller: The Tax Resolution Playbook by Peter Marchiano

It’s been said that the three biggest fears in life are speaking in public, dying, and getting a letter from the IRS. Pete Marchiano cannot solve the first two fears, but he...

Posted on 05/04/2022

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New Bestseller: Womb to Thrive By Dr. Julie Gerland (hc)

“The world can’t go on like this!” These words have echoed in the hallways of the United Nations and around the globe for decades in the midst of international conflict....

Posted on 04/13/2022

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New Bestseller: Emerge Triumphant by Eliana Gilad

Emerge Triumphant helps readers understand that, when they give their inner voice the ability and power to shine, limiting barriers can be broken and people can become their own leaders,...

Posted on 04/09/2022

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New Bestseller: Instant Pain Relief by Shalini Joshi Yamdagni

What would it mean to be pain-free? What if you could learn a new way to reduce pain instantly and easily? This inspiring book will help you find instant pain relief. View more for...

Posted on 03/10/2022

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New Bestseller: Uncle Sam's Retirement Plan by Charles Bartman

It’s been said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. And though the authors cannot help you with the first issue, they can certainly help you with the second....

Posted on 03/06/2022

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New Bestseller: Wolves at Night by Sara McDermott Jain

Hundreds of miles of Alaskan wilderness…Hungry timberwolves…An outlaw ex-lover…Deadly con men…And one young mother with a toddler. Find out whether Eleni...

Posted on 03/05/2022

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New Bestseller: THE KONSCIO METHOD™ by Milly Diericx

The Konscio Method™ is based on the idea that we are magnificent beings of light, emanations of Divine Essence, we have just lost sight of this due to life’s circumstances....

Posted on 02/21/2022

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New Bestseller: The Grail Rider by Inaiya Ray

The Grail Rider is not only an enigmatic spiritual sojourn, woven with cosmic codes of light…it is an eternal love story and quest of the soul, that illuminates an alchemical...

Posted on 02/18/2022

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New Bestseller: dr.Anne Good Health at Hand by Anne Seifert

Are you a person who has "given up" on diets? If so, this book is for you! It's tailored to your preferences, your schedule, your body, and designed for the long-term....

Posted on 01/27/2022

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