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Posted 01/25/2022 in 4 by Liftdex

You can add weight to your body while exercising

You can add weight to your body while exercising

When people exercise without adding weight to their body, it explains how fast you can exercise but when you add weight to your body while exercising, it shows how strong and strength you could acquire. A Tactical Vest is a fitness instrument designed for bodybuilders who desired to add more strength when exercising.

Most bodybuilders and trainers love the weighted vest: It turns bodyweight drills into grueling strength-builders. “You could argue the vest is the most efficient way to perform loaded moves, because all the weight is closer to your natural center of gravity—compared to, say, doing pullups with plates hanging from a dip belt below you,” Seedman says.

You can increase your weight with a tactical vest to help you burn out calories while you exercise. The amount of strength used when exercising with a tactical vest, is far different compared to when you exercise without a weighted vest. This gym instrument has body and weighted plates.

The body of this equipment is the tactical vest itself while the weighted plate and steel metals that are added to the tactical vest increase your weight when exercising. It is a very useful exercise instrument used not only for bodybuilders but mostly built for military personnel. It can be called Body armor because it protects people from any hard object. Most people get confused with military armor and weighted vest for bodybuilders, these two are the same just that the only difference is the weighted plate which one can replace when demands arise. Military armor uses weighted plates which are referred to as bulletproof while the tactical vest for weightlifting uses a weighted plate that is not bulletproof. The difference is only the plates that are inserted into the weighted vest. You can remove the tactical plates and insert the bulletproof plate using the same tactical vest wear.

You can use bulletproof plates for exercise but you can not use the weighted plate for official duty. Bulletproof plates are manufactured differently for mostly the military and force personnel. Most civilians desire to own this piece of equipment for their personal interest and most of them used it for their workout routine. 

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