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Posted on 12/14/2021 in Lifestyle

Yeezy Desert – A Compact Overview on The Shoes

Yeezy Desert is the first choice of many sneakerheads for all good reasons. It has great construction along with its excellent shoe structure. Find out here why Yeezy sneakers are great go-to shoes for you.

Yeezy Dessert premium suede combined with spongy mesh is not just comfortable but a practical option. Moreover, the super-chunky sole, pair of thick laces, and a tongue pull tab make these shoes one of the best sellers in the market. 

So, if you are ready to bring this bad boy home and are struggling with sizing and fit, review the following things below.

The fit of the shoes

Yeezy Desert is super snug on feet compared to other shoes on the Yeezy line. It is because they have a narrow and tight toe box. It is one of the reasons why many people consider going a full size up compared to the actual size they typically prefer.

The comfort of the shoes

Yeezy desert is a pretty comfortable shoe, all thanks to its design. The mesh upper and thick insole tends to keep the feet snug and cozy all the time. Many wearers have said that their feet don’t necessarily hurt while wearing them.

How to care for these shoes?

Since Yeezy Desert has suede exteriors, it is essential to take proper steps when caring for them. First, opt for the suede brush to clean the suede section. Next, you can use a cleaning solution and sneaker wipes to manage the shoes’ mesh and rubber section. Also, ensure to store the footwear properly to prevent them from fading in sunlight. 

Final thoughts

Now that you know how the sizing of Yeezy Desert works, we are sure you must be ready to invest in one, too. In that case, Hype Your Beast is the place to explore.

Posted by Hype Your Beast
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