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Posted 08/27/2022 by Guardian Eagle Security Inc

Why you should hire a security company for your event?

Why you should hire a security company for your event?

Experienced and trained security personnel from reputed security companies ensure events such as parties, concerts, and festivals run smoothly, providing a safe and comfortable environment for all those attending. Security is an integral part of public or private events, especially if there are large crowds attending. High-profile events are often attended by celebrities and VIPs who require security for their safety too. Guardian Eagle, providers of superior security solutions, can help with guards and manpower as per the requirements of the event.

What does an event security guard do?

At the outset, security guards are responsible for the safety and security of those attending the event. They are trained to prevent any illegal or uncomfortable incidents such as fights, violence, theft, and more.

Security personnel can manage the event premises through access control, surveillance, security logs, and emergency response. Security personnel from Guardian Eagle are trained to seamlessly manage events from the sidelines.

Trained and experienced staff

At Guardian Eagle, we invest in our employees who are our most valuable assets. Qualified instructors provide our security personnel with comprehensive training programs through lectures, video presentations, realistic demonstrations, and practical learning. Through our robust training programs, our employees learn the nuances of the job as well as several skills including equipment usage, customer service, emergency preparedness, fire prevention, and much more.

Based on the length of service, Guardian Eagle also provides its security personnel with ongoing training sessions related to Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM), First-Aid, and CPR.

These training and education programs offer our employees an edge over others in the security industry in Los Angeles and the state of California.

Decrease the chances of violence and crime

Security personnel plays an important role in reducing the incidence of theft, vandalism, and altercations at an event. However, if a dangerous or uncomfortable situation does arise, the public and guests depend on the experience, knowledge, and strength of the security personnel to diffuse the situation.

As is rightly said: It is always better to be safe than sorry. Thus, preventing an incident is as important as managing one, especially during an event. For this reason, hiring a security company will ensure security personnel use surveillance to manage risks and identify potential problems before they take place. Crowd control is also an integral part of the security detail, ensuring guests and attendees move in and out of venues in an orderly and safe fashion. This also entails ushering out an eviction of unruly guests.

Armed vs. unarmed security

In the general sense, security personnel is either armed with a gun or other weapon or are unarmed. But how do you know when to hire armed or unarmed security guards?

Armed guards have licensed firearms that they have been trained to use. This level of security can be useful in an event that involves jewelry, antiques, or expensive artwork. Armed guards can also be hired for events that have high-profile guests or celebrities.

Smaller, more private events can be guarded by unarmed security personnel as the threat of criminal activity, theft or violence is much lower.

Creating a visible security presence 

Security guards patrol and stand close to the entry and exit points, creating an extra level of safety. They are vigilant and look out for suspicious activities across the event premises. They are the first line of defense and this visible barrier has the power to prevent and thwart criminal activities.

For more information on how security personnel and guards can make events more secure, contact Guardian Eagle today!

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