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Posted on 11/15/2021 in Education

Why quality is important for marijuana packaging

Why quality is important for marijuana packaging

Seizing the opportunity for low-quality plastic packaging of cannabis products can cause major problems for your business. Inadequate packaging can increase the risk of product recalls, reduce profitability, and reduce the quality of the brand to consumers. It doesn't matter if your company is still in its infancy or an established brand. The plastic cannabis container you use makes a big impression on consumers. High-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and caps have become widely accepted packaging options in the marijuana industry. It is important to identify the high-quality marijuana packaging of the product. that's why.

Plastic Marijuana Packaging perform various functions

Cannabis packaging performs many functions for your product and your brand. First, it is important that the package looks clean and safe to the consumer. Consumers do not buy products packaged in dirty, deformed, or contaminated packages. Think about your shopping habits. High-quality cannabis packaging helps increase consumer confidence in your brand. It also provides a platform for product information that needs to be labeled, such as ingredients and required regulatory information. The label also supports striking graphics that appeal to consumers and influence purchasing decisions. 

The cannabis plastic container also protects the product and houses it inside. If a plastic bottle or closure is unrepaired or defective, it can cause some problems for your business. At Drug Plastics, we eliminate defective processes in our manufacturing systems to ensure that our customers receive the perfect bottle every time. A common example of PET bottle defects is a non-uniform sealing surface. This type of defect prevents closures and bottles from functioning properly. If the sealing seal does not work properly, there is a risk that the product will be recalled. Product recalls can distract you from the growth and development of your brand and control damage. Even worse, when the product reaches the point of sale and the problem is identified by the pharmacy or consumer. For example, over time, improper sealing between a plastic bottle and a cap can cause marijuana flowers to dry out excessively. To compensate for product weight loss, dried flowers are light in weight, so using more of the products you order can lead to overfilling in pharmacies. Also, flowers that are too dry can lose sales because many consumers do not like flowers that are too dry. In either case, you will end the dilemma of unusable waste and additional costs that affect your profitability. Third, high-quality plastic packaging helps keep the marijuana filling line running smoothly. Using low-quality bottles can result in lost production time and unsellable products. Stopping the production cycle can reduce profitability and negatively impact results. Having to dispose of full containers and marijuana products is never a good thing, as the filling line has identified the problem. 

High-quality plastic marijuana packaging helps meet standards

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and faces many complex regulatory challenges. Some of the most important regulations include child resistance package guidelines. The state has its own regulations on cannabis that must also be adhered to. Keeping your product safe in a child-friendly package is paramount. Drug Plastics knows that keeping recreational and medical cannabis out of the reach of children is a top priority. We offer a wide range of child resistance package options that comply with federal and state regulations. Also, be aware of the plastic packaging of marijuana manufactured abroad. These products may contain impurities in the resin or dye, which may leak or bleed into the product. They may not have a document of the origin or may not comply with FDA regulations. It may be cheaper in advance, but it can cause serious problems for the cannabis business later. Drug plastics can provide appropriate documentation for our products so that we can ensure that the bottles are manufactured under strict guidelines for consumer safety and the products are unaffected. All of our PET bottles and closures are manufactured in the United States and are FDA and ASTM certified. 

High-quality packaging supports long-term brand loyalty

Your brand represents not only your name but what your company represents and the integrity of your product. Presenting a consistent brand image that conveys safety, reliability, and credibility fosters consumer loyalty to business and cannabis products. High-quality packaging increases consumer loyalty to the brand and increases sales and profits. Another aspect that can help you build your brand is to explore eco-friendly plastic products. Today, more and more consumers are looking for cannabis products with sustainable packaging. Using plastic cannabis containers made of alternative materials will help interested consumers reach this growing segment. 

 A Quality Plastic Manufacturing

Your cannabis business should develop a true partnership with your packaging supplier. At Drug Plastics, we invest in the success of our customers and their businesses. All businesses depend on one another for continued growth. We are a knowledgeable partner that is responsive, courteous, and dependable now and for years to come.

Our team understands that consistent and reliable manufacturing is essential for success. Using high-quality, virtually perfect bottles time after time not only reduces waste but helps to build trust in build consumers’ trust in your brand.

Remember, your brand is more than just a logo and company name. High-quality cannabis packaging reinforces your company standards and attracts consumers to your product – consistently defining you as a quality provider with integrity that they can depend on.

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