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Posted 11/18/2022 by Anduril retail pvt ltd

Why Does Sex Feel Better In The Morning?

Why Does Sex Feel Better In The Morning?

So many people usually wonder about the timing of sex. Some say the night is the best time for extra play, and some say early morning is best. Several studies suggest that the morning is the best time for sexual activity and that this provides an ideal start to the day, increasing both men's and women's moods. In addition to the energy and high testosterone, men believe mornings are the best time to have sex due to the morning shine. 


The benefits of early morning sex go beyond being in a better mood the rest of the day. More importantly, good morning sex is therapeutic and can help you start your morning off right.


Morning sex can get you off to a better start and leave you feeling refreshed throughout your day. Morning sex may guarantee a productive day at work because morning sex completely wakes up your brain while stimulating your body's circulation. If you are having sex in the morning, your body can produce a decent amount of sex hormones, which leads to enhanced enjoyment.


Enjoyable sex leads to the release of hormones called oxytocin and dopamine. More importantly, sex releases feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins and dopamine, which is a great way to get into a great mood and start the day off on the right foot, says Nazanin Mohali, a sex therapist who hosts a podcast called Sexology. There is no question sex helps in releasing feel-good hormones, instantly upping your mood. Sex pumps your body full of oxytocin, the stress-relieving hormone, which makes you feel relaxed and happy.


The cocktail of hormones released when having sex and having an orgasm makes you feel super relaxed, but it can also leave you feeling fatigued, which is not ideal when tackling the day. Some people might feel energetic from a morning of sex, but for others, getting fucked in the a.m. might leave them wanting to curl up into a ball and fall back asleep. If you are used to having exclusively sexual relationships with your partner after an extended workday or a night out on the town, practising morning sex may disrupt the routine and take your mind off the sex grind. If you constantly feel out on your partner, you cannot reach them, so allow the sex of the morning to be the cure.


 You can use your hands and mouth to stimulate your partner's body and explore sucking, licking, caressing, and pleasuring your partner with your mouth and hands.69 position, and shower play is perfect for the morning. 


Spice your mornings up by adding sex toys to your early morning enjoyment. You can use girls sex toys like a vibrator, the ideal toys for vagina to help her give erotic stimulation. If you don't have a vibrator, you can also consider buying other female Sexual toys like a dildo.


Sex toys can be a great way to help get you over the edge towards climaxing. Sexologist Vivian Green, PhD, suggests clit stimulators for women and sex toys for boys, like cock rings. If your partner has issues staying or getting hard in the morning, try sex toys.


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