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Posted 06/12/2022 by Ammar Machinery

Why Chocolate Alu Paper Wrapping Machines Are So Important?

Why Chocolate Alu Paper Wrapping Machines Are So Important?

The candy and confectionery markets are greatly competitive. In such a scenario, if your packaging does not reflect quality, then your competitors might reap the advantages. Chocolate aluminum paper wrapping, or more specifically, chocolate wrapping, is where Ammar Machinery can help.

Wrapping bulk production of chocolates can get tough if you do not rely on automatic machines like a chocolate alu foil wrapping machine to do the job for you. We have rich experience in chocolate wrapping machine production, which can well meet customers’ requirements, and try to control the cost.

Overview of Chocolate Alu Paper Wrapping Machine

  • The machine includes - a packing machine host, power cabinet, and vibration hopper.
  • The packing machine works automatically.
  • PLC controller to control the speed.
  • High yield, compact packing, and good consistency.

Ammar Machinery offers creative freedom to design pack styles. The chocolates whether hermetically sealed or wrapped in aluminum, offer ultimate convenience. We can produce almost any kind of packaging, starting from the primary packaging to the sales tray.

Together with you, Ammar Machinery develops the right chocolate wrapping machine for sale for your product and guarantees the highest quality and the best packaging design.

The packaging machines from Ammar Machinery gently handle your chocolate in one or several steps. Products are packaged using band, cube, envelope wrap, etc., in one, two, or three packaging materials as required. Our machine range covers all commercial formats, and you are sure to be impressed by our chocolate wrapping machine for sale.

We offer a wide range of chocolate wrapping machines for sale that function in various ways. Our chocolate alu paper wrapping machine will wrap the chocolates in an aluminum-coated foil and on top of which another paper will be used to seal the chocolate.

Our popular chocolate wrapping machines for sale can wrap large pieces of chocolates at a speed of 60 pieces/minute with quick mold-changing options. Operating on a single axis and super quick in the task, the machines will make your production faster and extremely easier to monitor.

We also have popular choices in chocolate foil wrapping machines for sale. The foil helps in holding the chocolate’s shape and protects it from moisture and temperature changes.

Our machine can wrap 135 pieces of chocolates per minute with 3 mold options. Also, 12 different paper size options can be easily calibrated into the machine. So, whether you are looking for a good chocolate cellophane wrapping machine or a metalized foil wrap, we have it all.

Advantages of Our Chocolate foil Wrapping Machine –

  1. A frequency converter technique converts the wrapping dimension of the machine frequently.
  2. The machine wraps the chocolate at high speed and gives it a wonderful appearance.
  3. Very low operational costs since it’s automatic and it does not require a lot of manpower.
  4. User friendly and the complete PLC control system makes it easy to operate.

Buying a chocolate wrapping machine for sale in the chocolate production line will ensure you get the maximum profit. The machine will add tremendous value to the product package. So, why wait any longer?!

Visit ammarmachinery.com and order your custom chocolate wrapping machine for sale today.

Source - https://medium.com/@ammarmachinery/why-chocolate-alu-paper-wrapping-machines-are-so-important-a3de28d63ffc

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