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Posted 02/21/2023 by Dental Save

Where can I find affordable dentures?

Where can I find affordable dentures?

Dentures are meant to replace missing teeth. They are designed to look as natural as possible. There are three kinds of dentures; partial, complete and implant dentures. These vary in cost but can all be rather expensive.

Below are some of the ways in which you can find affordable dentures.

1. DentalSave

A DentalSave membership allows you to save on most of your dental costs, dentures included. To review the affordability of the kind of savings you will be making, consider an upper jaw denture. This will typically cost you $1500. With a DentalSave membership, you only pay $825 saving $675, an unbelievably 45% discount. With the added advantage of access to over 62000 dental facilities nation wide.

2. Dental insurance

Look for dentists who can accept insurance cards. However, it is important to note, not all insurance covers can pay for dentures. Contact your insurance provider for confirmation on viability for dentures.

3. Medicaid insurance

This is a state run the program. It allows elderly citizens to access dentures at a fairly affordable price. The only drawback is that not all dental offices accept the insurance. If you opt to take this cover, be sure to contact your dentist beforehand for a confirmation on whether it is accepted in their office.

4. Dental school

This will always provide very affordable dentures. This is because the students need a learning base. They will thus not charge you much as their core mission is to learn and pass tests rather than make a profit.

5. New dentists

New dentists are more likely to agree to give you discounts on your dentures, as they are looking to make royal customers. Additionally, since they need to compete with other dental offices, they are more likely to provide cheaper services.

6. Charity programs

Ask around for any free denture charity programs around. Apply to as many as possible to increase your acceptance chances. This mostly comes in form of vouchers, which you can then redeem at your dental office.


DentalSave is your best option as far as affordability and savings on your oral health is concerned. Their terms are clear with no hidden costs, and always shows what you have to pay and the amount you get to save in the process. To find out how you can save on dentures and other dental or health expenses, visit DentalSave to learn more.

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