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Posted 06/23/2023 by Kaushal Kumar

What You Should Know About Nail Extensions

What You Should Know About Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are one of the vastly well-known ways to get longer, stronger, and additionally attractive nails. People love to get extraordinary styles and colorful colours on their extensions. Nail care is something that most people don't concentrate on, but it is indeed a significant aspect of grooming and presentation. Nail extension is a trick to get the promise out of nail art and polish. The technique is to use gel or acrylic nails to expand your natural nail. Nevertheless, this comes with a range of benefits as well as side effects. You can make your nails look better with artificial nail tips but be readied for collateral damage.  

Things To Know About Nail Extensions  

Firstly, do not just visit anywhere to get your nails done. Go to a proper nail salon to get nail extensions done by an experienced nail technician. Enjoy the time in getting those pretty nails, but stay informed about the latest trends and nail extensions and get reliable nail tips. Listed below are a few things to know about nail extensions before trying them:- 

It Is Expensive And Time-consuming   

If you are going to get your nails done for the first time, then be familiar with all the facts. You should know that nail extensions are not inexpensive. The cost can vary from anywhere between Rs 600-5000. They are pricey but it also counts on the nail salon you choose. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to fix the nail stick ons. It can take up to 1-1.5 hours for your nail tech to complete your nails. So, make time and be prepared for the procedure!  

There Are Two Types  

Most people are not aware of this but there are two varieties of nail extensions that you can get done, gel and acrylic. They appear similar but are two entirely different things. When we talk about acrylics, an artificial nail tip is clung to the lengths of your nails and then a powder and liquid are mixed to apply over it. On the other hand, gel nail extensions are applied using a premade mixture that is used on the real nail bed. For shorter nails, it is better to attach to gel nail extensions.  

Makes Your Real Nails Brittle  

People who get nail extensions repeatedly know just what this point is about. The entire method is exceptionally harmful to your substantial nails. The mail bed comes to be brittle, hence be careful while getting them withdrawn too. It can take up to 3-4 weeks for your nails to gain back the strength to come to their original state. Acrylic nail extensions can exacerbate nail health and quality more than gel ones.  

They Don't Function Like Real Nails 

If you are thinking that artificial nailsfunction strictly like your real nails, then that is a myth. Your actual nails are very distinct from this artificial set. They might feel good but are not the ideal selection if you have to do household chores or type at work. You cannot do all the things using nail extensions like how you do with your real nails.  

There are multiple dos and don'ts that first-timers should keep in mind. Sure, it is just another beauty-improving procedure. But, if you are getting your nails done for the foremost time, make sure to know everything about it beforehand.  

Talk to our experts at Daily Life Forever52 to get some Forever 52 nail tips and know about some important things about nail extensions before trying them.  

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