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What Scaffolding Is

What Scaffolding Is

Scaffolding is a transient structure to support the original structure, as well as engineers, used it as a platform to carry on the construction works when it comes to working on height. Different types of scaffolding vary with the different types of construction work. Scaffolding is made up of aluminum stells and timbers. This system of construction is stable and strong to support engineers and other construction material placed on it.

This is done to ensure the safety of the workers while the building is being maintained or built. Apart from this, It also provides some degree of support to a standing structure during the construction phase.

One of the advantages of scaffolding is the strategic position it provides to workers. Though ladders are also used for this purpose, they are mounted at an angle and they don’t offer a solid platform that workers can balance. Scaffolding puts workers directly in front of the portions of the wall or ceiling where they need to work. This provides them with great leverage. If multiple workers are required to work simultaneously side by side, that’s not possible using ladders.

Scaffolding type is created using steel tubes set by couplers and it is easy to assemble as well as disintegrate. Steel Scaffolding comes with vast benefits, thus having a higher cost but it does provide higher safety standards during construction. The structure provides strength, durability and is fire resistant. Despite the cost, it is one of the most popular Scaffolding today owing to its benefits. Steel Scaffolding is mainly used for outdoor construction and bigger structures.  

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