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What Is The Significance Of Outdoor Christmas Parol?

What Is The Significance Of Outdoor Christmas Parol?

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. However, it is also a celebration of lights and happiness. Many people have other aspects of celebrating Christmas. If we talk about outdoor Christmas Parol in the Philippines, then they believe that using the traditional bamboo, star or any other type of lantern symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. All throughout the festival of Christmas, you can see hanging star-shaped lanterns eliminating the darkness all over the place. The streets and the towns all are decorated with parols to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. Many people have other beliefs too. 


Go With The Tradition With Outdoor Christmas Parol


Apart from the decorative purposes, outdoor Christmas parol is something that is used for traditional purposes. Compared to the modern representation of bright parols, the audience for parol is the unborn Jesus along with Mary and Joseph. As time passed, the lantern evolved into a more modern look, with a lavish and bright lit Christmas ornament. Adding meaning to the parol, it is also used to see the workmanship of the Filipinos. Parol or lantern is an emblematic symbol of Christmas. This festival means celebrating the birth of Jesus together with mixing traditional things of every caste, creed or community. Parol is the same and holds different meanings for everybody.


Schools also organize parol making competitions to enhance the joy of Christmas. There are many ways to celebrate Christmas, but making and lighting parols is one of the best ways and people love to enjoy hanging parols in different colors and combinations. You can also buy parols from any shop or from the wide range available online. 


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