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What Is The Process To Install Prehung Exterior Door Installation?

Doors are the focal point of your house. They are the point from where your guests will enter your home. Why not install them properly and give them a good look? Exterior door installation may look like a simple process, but it is not. You need to do a lot to install a door in your house. You can make the door installation easy for you with some simple steps. There is a proper way of installing doors in your home. If you follow the steps, you can install your door with ease.

5 Simple Steps To Install Prehung Exterior Door


The first step to installing a new door is to remove the older one, and then you can install the new one. The exterior door replacement process can take a few hours, so try to do it on holiday. Here are some simple steps to easily install a new door.


1. Take Out The Fasteners


You need to remove all the screws and nails from the old door. If there is interior trim, then remove that too. It will make the exterior door installation process more smooth. Removing the nails of the old door is also better, as they might have got corroded, which may harm your new door.


2. Flash The Frame


You need to install a drip cap or Z-flashing above the opening. The top leg should slide up behind the house wrap or tar paper behind the siding. It is a little complicated, or you can say technical, so you need to perform it with a little care for the correct door installation.


3. Caulk The Studs


You need a bead of high-quality sealant with the exposed framing where your door’s exterior trim will meet the wall and across the floor where the new door threshold will sit. The step might look technical, but you can perform it easily.


4. Set The Door


You must insert the new unit top first, then slide the exterior molding below the Z-flashing. Then press the unit home so it beds tightly in the caulk. The step requires a little strength, so don’t do it alone, take help from two friends to perform it.


5. Set The Threshold Right


Just check the threshold to ensure its level. You must shim below it until the level’s bubble is centered between the lines. The exterior door window replacement will be finished. Just ensure that you have set the threshold right, as you may face problems in the future.  


Install Your Prehung Exterior Door Now!


The installation process of your door may take a little time and hard work. When completed, it will look beautiful at the entrance of your house. If you also want the best exterior door installation, feel free to reach Discount Door & Window. They have the best services for the installation of your pre-hung exterior door.   





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