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What Is the Best Platform for Artists to Showcase Their Music?

What Is the Best Platform for Artists to Showcase Their Music?

Marketing your music takes a good deal of work, no doubt about it. Some websites offer platforms to give artists exposure, however, these tools don’t help much with the business side of being a songwriter and musician. Publishing Pro from YourTempo offers a business-oriented platform for artists who want to manage and promote their work through a branded Website.

The Best Platform for Artists Offers More than Exposure

Lots of websites let artists show off their music. Streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube Music allow musicians to easily get in front of fans. Where they all fall somewhat short is in managing your catalog of songs.

Getting your songs noticed and used in the industry is much easier if you have a way to pitch them and track your results. Keep track of what you pitched, when, and what the result was. You want to organize your material in a way that makes it easy to pitch and review. Writers do this when they try to sell articles or short stories. Songwriters and performers can do the same.

Your music artist website is no longer your most valuable sales tool. Publishing Pro makes it easy to pitch your music in a way that producers can easily access and see your full catalog. This makes it simple for them to access your best songs and envision how a partnership could aid your artist development.

The Advantages of Publishing Pro

Streaming services help listeners find your music, but that is only a small part of the business. How do you get heard by people who would pay to license your music? This is where Publishing Pro from YourTempo is a huge benefit to musicians. You get a digital music player for all of your songs with your Publishing Pro subscription, but you get several features that are far more valuable for the business side of:

  • Song catalog – You can add up to 10 versions of a song and export an Excel file of all song information in your catalog
  • Tracking pitches – Publishing Pro keeps records of what’s been pitched to whom and when
  • Administration – The administrative panel offers access to a variety of record-keeping functions
  • Song information – Publishing Pro hosts information about cuts, holds, syncs, and more
  • Customization – Your Publishing Pro account is customized with your logo
  • Maintenance and upgrades – Secure data backup, regular maintenance, and upgrades
  • Built-in player – You can’t sell your songs unless buyers can hear them; Publishing Pro includes a digital player that automatically downloads with each song

Tempo Offers Tailored Music Business Tools

If you want to sell your music, it helps to have the right marketing support. This is why a Publishing Pro subscription is a great choice. We have different pricing plans to suit song catalogs of different sizes. 

If you're tired of cold-pitching your music artist website and ready to attract managers that are ready to invest in your artist development, contact YourTempo at 615-685-5873 for more information on our Publishing Pro platform for artists.

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