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What is ECG test or Electrocardiography?

What is ECG test or Electrocardiography?

Electrocardiography (ECG) is a type of test. Through this, blood is sent to the heart muscle by the electrical impulse to the heartbeat of the patient. By doing electrocardiography, ie ECG, the doctor gets to know many things. like -



  • The electrical impulse of the patient's heart is fast, slow, or irregular.
  • The function and size of the heart is ascertained.
  • Heart muscle is detected.


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Why Electrocardiography or ECG test is done?



ECG test is needed in cases related to heart. like -


ECG has to be done to check the stress test:


Sometimes a person has to face many problems even during exercise. Exercising too much has a profound effect on our heart. ECG is used to correct this problem. With this test, the stress test test of the person is found out.



ECG is done to detect the activity of the heart:


Heart activity is detected by a Holter monitor. Through this, the activity of the patient's heart is detected for 24 to 48 hours. During this examination, the doctor finds out the problem in the heart of the patient. The Holter monitor is placed on the patient's chest.



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ECG is done for the event recorder:


There are some symptoms that are sometimes not even visible. An event recorder is needed to identify them. An event recorder is similar to a Holter monitor, but it records the electrical activity of the patient's heart when the patient has a heart problem. It detects these symptoms automatically.



How is the ECG test done?


It doesn't take much time to do an electrocardiogram or ECG test. For this test, the patient is first made to lie on the table, then if it is a male, then the hair of the chest of men is cut. Then a pad is placed on the legs and arms on the chest. The pads are attached to the wires of the ECG machine. By which cardiac activities are recorded. During this test, the patient cannot talk about anything. There is no pain of any kind while doing this test. Before doing this test, the patient is advised not to apply any new lotion of any kind.



Cost of ECG test or electrocardiography


The cost of ECG test or electrocardiography – ECG Test Cost in India is around 200 to 2000, it depends on the doctor and the hospital.


Disadvantages of ECG Testing


There is no harm of any kind to the body while doing the ECG test. where the pads are placed. There you may have to face the problem of rash and rash. If a patient has a stress problem. So he may have a problem like a heart attack during the stress test. But this is not a problem related to ECG. After this test, after finding out the problem of the patient's heart, the doctor starts his treatment.


Now let's know about some questions related to electrocardiogram-



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What type of electric current is given in an electrocardiogram?


While doing electrocardiogram, normal electric current is given to the patient, so that the problem in the heart can be detected.


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Does the current come from the patient's electrode while doing the ECG test?


While doing the ECG test, current is given to the patient through electrodes.


The electrode is normal but the ECG test comes back positive.


If the patient's electrode is normal, then the ECG test will come positive. This does not cause any problem to the patient.

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