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What does the new Path of Exile 3.19 patch 3.19.0d include?

What does the new Path of Exile 3.19 patch 3.19.0d include?

The biggest issues so far after going live in 3.19 revolved around loot and monster power. Even after adjustment, loot drops are less. There is a lot less Path of Exile Currency around and less stuff to buy. In addition, the monster is very powerful, if the player cannot kill the monster within a certain period of time, it will be counter-killed by the opponent.

GGG released some improvements from Path of Exile update 2.19 on August 25, which was officially marked as patch 3.19.0d. It includes improvements to item drops, as well as POE Orbs and rare monster item drops, reductions to the life of Harvest monsters, and improvements to Lake of Kalandra league reflex rewards.

Map Bosses now drop fewer items, but the rarity has been greatly increased, allowing more unique items to be found from map bosses. Increased the base drop rate of unique items by 33% globally and the base drop rate of POE Currency by 25%.

If you don't need random loot drops, you can buy Divine Orb/Exalted Orb/Chaos Orb by yourself and help win the game. You can help you succeed by checking out the latest patch guide compiled by the famous Path of Exile service provider, POECurrency.

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