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Posted on 12/17/2021 in DIY

What can you do to keep your HVAC system in proper condition?

What can you do to keep your HVAC system in proper condition?

If you care for your appliances, you must be keeping an eye on them to ensure they are in good condition and functioning properly. A sudden surge in energy bills can be due to the inefficiency of the HVAC system. If you are looking for HVAC repair NYC services, make sure you get proper quotes before you plan to hire one.

Even when the HVAC technician can take care of your appliances well, there are a few things that you can do yourself to keep your HVAC unit up and running. Given below are a few tips that you can follow to ensure the well-being of your HVAC unit- 

1. Replace and clean the filters

A filter can function well for up to 3 months. Beyond that, it may start losing its efficiency. It means that the unit needs more energy to function, hence consuming more energy than expected. You can check the air filters and change them in 3 months. 

2. Clear dust and debris near the outside unit 

Dust and debris can attack the outdoor HVAC unit. In autumn, leaves may fall, and pollen may blow around. Make sure to check the outdoor unit regularly and clear the debris around. There should be at least 2-3 feet around the heat pump or AC unit. 

3. Check the refrigerant lines

To keep your HVAC unit in order, you need to check the refrigerant lines. If the line wears out or develops leakage, it may result in temperature fluctuation. 

4. Keep the HVAC unit at the proper level

Make sure the unit is not tilted and is at the proper level. If it is not in the proper position, it would not function properly. Proper positioning can enhance the efficiency of the system, while if not properly positioned, it can damage the unit and consume more energy. 

5. Unclog the system

Prevent algae and mouldbuild-up by cleaning the system manually. Mix one cup of bleach and one cup of water, and pour the concoction into the condenser drain. It would clean up the system and keep the unit working. 

6. Stop the water supply for the humidifier of the furnace

During summer, you don't require a humidifier. When the weather turns from hot to cold, you may think to turn on the heater. But you can install a brand-new filter and set the humidistat to 40-50 percent.

7. Check the fan blades

Make sure to check, if not replace, the fan blades in 2-3 months. The HAVC technician would take care of the rest. If the fan blades are not functioning, you must call the technician as early as possible.

8. Notice the odour of the outdoor unit

Make sure to notice the odour or any noise coming from the outdoor unit. If you notice anything unusual, make sure to inform your technician immediately. 

9. Do not shut your home's registers

Do not close many registers as it may put the load on the HAVC system. 

10. Check the Carbon Monoxide detector

Do not forget to check the batteries of the carbon monoxide detector, and replace them if required. If not changed in time, it may cause grave problems and even life risks. 

An HVAC technician can help you in taking care of your system, but you are the one to identify the problem first and call him. Doing a preventive check-up post every season can keep your unit in good condition. HVAC repair services in NYC expect the customers to respond and inform them beforehand, and so, provide them a verbal manual on how to address emergencies and sudden breakdown of appliances.

Posted by Tim Scott
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