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Posted 05/16/2022 by Brian Tremel

What are the Surrogacy Benefits for the Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers?

What are the Surrogacy Benefits for the Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers?

Ethical surrogacy involves a woman who consensually agreed to carry a child for another couple. The woman must be at a specified age and had a successful pregnancy. Once the child is born, the surrogate mother will relinquish her claim on the child to give guardianship and custody of the child to the intended parents. People have various reasons why they wanted a surrogacy procedure. Interested women agreeing to be surrogate mothers also have their own motivations. No matter what the reasons are, surrogacy benefits both the surrogate mother and the family by opting for the procedure.

According to Morehead State University, surrogacy demands various complex medical and legal procedures that must be met. Women who are interested in becoming a surrogate needs to be aware of the entire process. The procedure involves a rigorous screening procedure to ensure that the most suitable candidates are chosen. It is advisable to seek professional advice about the matter before committing to this life-changing procedure.

Benefits of Surrogacy

The benefits of surrogacy transcend the compensation involved in the process. This procedure means something to every person it connects to. The intended parents are given the hope to build their families. Surrogacy enables them to realize their dreams and make them into reality. Surrogate mothers provide a life-changing chance to a family who needs their help.

Surrogacy is a rewarding journey for both sides. It benefits the parties involved and helps in the development of a life that will soon become a beloved part of the community. As long as the procedure is ethical, legal, and consensual, no one is on the losing side when it comes to surrogacy.

Surrogacy Benefits for the Intended Parents

The intended parents have various reasons why they opted for a surrogacy procedure. The International Journal of Women’s Health and Reproduction Sciences stated how infertility is a primary factor that leads to surrogacy. It is one of the main reasons why people choose surrogacy is because of infertility. Infertility refers to the inability of a husband or wife to produce a child. Other reasons might include risky pregnancies, medical conditions, and same-sex couples. Despite the various reasons they have, all these aspiring parents have one thing in common and that is a desire to build their family.

The advantages of surrogacy for families would allow couples to have trouble with pregnancy to become parents. Gestational pregnancy is also an option as it gives the opportunity for both parents to be biologically related to the child. It enables parents to have the chance of raising the child from birth. The intended parents are also involved in their child’s milestones from transferring the embryo to delivering the baby.

Adoption is one of the alternatives to having children. However, there are many restrictions on the adoption process that are imposed by the agencies. A family can choose surrogacy if the adoption restrictions did not go well for them.

Surrogacy Benefits for Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate mothers also benefit in the process. Even if every surrogate has a different background, the surrogacy procedure will be a life-changing journey for them. A surrogate can feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that she has contributed to the lives of a whole family. There are times when surrogates form a special bond with the intended parents. There is also a supportive community behind every woman going through surrogacy.

Aside from the emotional benefits, surrogacy pays well if the surrogate partners with a trusted agency. The expenses for the pregnancy are reimbursed and paid for. The surrogate can also receive a huge base compensation with additional bonuses.

It must be noted that surrogacy is not for everyone. The intended parents must be emotionally, mentally, and financially stable enough to care for the child. The surrogate mothers must also have a stable mental, emotional, and physical state before going through the procedure.


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