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Posted 06/16/2022 by Centralbiohub

What are the Potential Risks for Human Sample Research?

What are the Potential Risks for Human Sample Research?


Human samples are any natural substance originating from the human body. It includes blood, urine, body fluids, tissues, cells, bones, etc. collected for the purpose of disease diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and research. Nowadays, residual human samples are the core resource for drug and diagnostic research propelling across the globe. In short biological samples is the fundamental entity for human research. 


Challenges involved in human sample research 

Any research involving human biological samples has potential risks for which special precautions must be taken. All we know, human samples can be infectious and hence considered hazardous. Strict measure is to be taken to avoid direct contact or cross-contaminations of research samples. Another major challenge in the secondary usage of human samples for research is protecting and respecting the donor's rights and interests while using and sharing the human specimens. All information revealing the identity of the sample donor should not be collected or shared. Besides, a comprehensive data protection regulation should be practiced to restrict unauthorized access or misuse.

Another scenario that can cause issues are the storage and transportation of research specimens. As we know, human biological samples are perishable and can deteriorate fast. Therefore, there should be dedicated storage spaces or human biobanks to store and supply human biospecimens for research. Moreover, strict quality control measures should be taken to preserve sample quality and integrity. Read our latest blogs on the use of human samples for research: https://centralbiohub.de/blogs/human-samples 


Easy access to millions of human samples for research

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