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Posted 04/16/2023 by Ammar Machinery

What Are the Most Important Features Found in Chocolate Packaging Machines

Both chocolate wrapping and packing machines have the same function—preserving the finished chocolate product, albeit there may be some variances.

A chocolate wrapping machine will put chocolate in a wrapper that is in direct contact with the chocolate item.

The wrapped chocolate items will be put into a different package, box, or container by chocolate packing machines.

Wrapping Machine for Chocolate

What Characteristics Do Chocolate Packing Machines Typically Have?

Chocolate packaging machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so naturally, they will have distinct features. Listed below are some of the most common features you may come across with modern chocolate packaging machines:

  • The machine has a PLC and an HMI to make operating and monitoring easier.
  • The chocolate items may be packaged using a variety of materials, including CPP, PET, BOPP, NY, or AL.
  • The rate of packaging varies from 0 to 1500 items per minute.
  • To keep the product hygienic, the bodies of chocolate packaging machines are made of stainless steel.
  • As a result of its simplicity of maintenance, the chocolate packaging machine can last for a very long time.
  • User-friendly design
  • The precision of the packaging process for chocolate is improved with photoelectric sensors.
  • The procedure of packaging is automatic.
  • You can adjust the variable packaging speed of the machine using the electric controller.
  • Once the machine has finished filling it, the package can be sliced with scissors or zigzag knives.
  • Additionally, it features sensors that can identify when packaging is complete.

What are the different types of chocolate packaging machines available?

There are two different types of chocolate packaging machines you can find, including:

Manual Chocolate Packaging Machine: Most small-scale chocolate packaging operations make use of this machine.Compared to a fully automatic chocolate packaging machine, the manual machine requires an operator and takes longer to pack the chocolates. Though it is cheaper than its automatic counterpart, it usually lacks accuracy.

Chocolate Packaging Machines

Fully Automatic Chocolate Packaging Machine: Large-scale chocolate packaging industry find fully automatic chocolate packaging machines very useful.  Although the equipment is pricey, it will save you a lot of money over time.Compared to the manual equivalent, it is more accurate and trustworthy as well as efficient.

Which other products you can pack using a chocolate wrapping machine:

Besides chocolate packing, a wrapping machine for chocolate can also be used to wrap many other products such as bread, cakes, dairy products, frozen food products, chemical products, pet foods, snacks, poultry products, etc.

Depending on your unique demands and specifications, Ammar Machinery offers a variety of chocolate packaging machines. Our goal is to simplify the chocolate industry with our cutting-edge machinery. We offer 5-years warranty on all our machine and we can also give you support over the internet if any issue arises during operation. Get in touch with us now for all your chocolate packaging machine needs. For any inquiry or help, feel free to reach us at +961-76351191!

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