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What are the great rewards for POE 3.19's new Lake of Kalandra?

What are the great rewards for POE 3.19's new Lake of Kalandra?

What rewards can I get in the latest Lake of Kalandra? Mirror of Kalandra is the most mysterious and rare item in POE 3.19, and also the most expensive, so what are we looking for in Lake of Kalandra for the best experience of the game?

For the Lake of Kalandra Challenge League, players will find a mirror tablet on top of a pillar, an important way to get to the lake. The top mirror enables players to customize their battles. The deeper the player goes into the lake, the more challenging the battle will be, which will also lead to better rewards such as POE Currency or other rare items.

Players will receive Exalted Orb after passing the challenge, and will be able to choose between two mirrored items. In the mirror image, the wearing form of the item is also reversed. For example, a mod is positive on one accessory, then it is negative on another.

In the final stage, Mirrored Tablets will list related items and POE 3.19 transactions for players to choose from. In addition to this, players will be rewarded if they try to complete the challenge league: Path of Exile Currency and other items. Players must seize the opportunity if they want to get this reward.

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