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Posted on 08/26/2021 in Technology

wavlink router setup via wifi.wavlink.com

wavlink router setup via wifi.wavlink.com

If you are unable to do wavlink router setup then you can read this article. In order to do wavlink router setup you must connect an ethernet cable with your router and wait until for your wavlink router start blinking. You can also do wavlink router setup via wifi.wavlink.com. If you want to use this way to wavlink router setup then you can visit our site and get the steps from our experts team who are available on live chat or on toll free number.

Wavlink router setup

With the web-utility it is easy to perform the wavlink router setup. Complete the login process and reach onto web based utility to configure your wavlink device. Here’s how to do wavlink router setup:

  1. Reach to the wavlink setup wizard by using wifi.wavlink.com or

  2. Configure the internet connection settings.

  3. Change the SSID and passkey for the wavlink network.

  4. Configure the wavlink login username and password.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.

  6. Save the settings and hit on ‘Finish’ to complete the setup process.

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