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Utility kitchen knife in Egypt

Utility kitchen knife in Egypt

Just like a craftsman has a utility belt, a cook should have the best utility kitchen knife in Egypt. Smaller than a chef knife but bigger than a paring knife, this mid-sized tool is the kind of knife that any professional or home cook can feel confident using. Included in most kitchen knife sets, the utility knife is often the overlooked of the set – but after experiencing the power of this handy knife, it’s sure to become one of your go-to kitchen tools.

Best knife sharpening service in Egypt

We did the work for you and chose the best knife sharpening service in Egypt to make sure you are never stuck chopping with a dull knife again. Properly sharpened kitchen knives are as essential to cooking as the ingredients themselves. Dull kitchen knives are not only ineffective; they are also more dangerous as they are prone to slipping and causing cuts during use. While most home cooks may attempt to sharpen their knives with the honing steel that comes with a basic knife block set, the steel only helps to maintain a sharp edge and won’t actually sharpen a dull one. Sharpening correctly involves using a sharpening stone while understanding the proper technique and angle that your knife needs to achieve the sharpest edge.

Professional knife sharpening service in Egypt

Sekeen, where we introduce professional knife sharpening service in Egypt. The world’s sharpest knives probably belong to newlyweds. That’s because it’s all downhill from there—the more you cook, the duller your most important tool becomes. It's only through regular maintenance that chefs and home cooks keep their blades sharp.

So how often should you aim for? Well, the short answer is whenever they start to feel dull—which can vary depending on the quality of your knives and how often you use them. Can your knife cut a tomato cleanly? If not, it's time to sharpen it. You can also use the paper test: Hold a sheet of printer paper up and try to slice it vertically. If you have trouble hacking through the paper, your knife could stand to be sharper. For most home cooks, this will be two to three times a year.

Knife sharpening service in Egypt

A knife is arguably the most important tool in the kitchen, but it's essential that the blade is sharp. When blunt, you have less control and are more likely to see the knife slide off the food, thereby making cooking a more hazardous process.

The basic concept of Knife sharpening service in Egypt is simple – you're using an abrasive edge to remove metal – but the knife you buy may alter the method you should use. A general rule of thumb is that a Waterston can be used for both Japanese- and Western-style blades, but you should avoid pull-through sharpeners for Japanese knives (or any knife with very brittle blades).

Sharpening services in Egypt

Sekeen store offers Sharpening services in Egypt for just about every need. If it cuts, we can probably sharpen it. In addition, we provide a wide variety of services, such as opening the bore on blades, balancing heads, replacement gibs, and tip replacement. Feel free to contact us.

Knife blade laser etching in Egypt


Knife blade laser etching in Egypt and Engraving involves using a laser to cut or burn to a specific depth on a material to create images, text, or graphics on the surface of the object.  Many different types of materials can be laser etched including wood, paper board, card stock, plastic, glass, ceramic, and many more.  From some historical perspective, etching traditionally involved burning an image into an object. Whereas, engraving was the process of removing material via cutting with a blade or knife.  With modern laser cutting machines, both processes can be accomplished on the same machine on a wide variety of materials by adjusting the intensity of the laser.

Laser engraved knives in Egypt

We are now offering Custom Laser Engraving Service in Egypt. Sekeen provides Laser engraved knives in Egypt.  An engraving can make a treasured piece of cutlery even more special by adding a personal touch.  Many times we engrave names and phases on your knives to make a special present for a recent graduate, birthday, wedding, housewarming, anniversary, retirement, or other special occasions.  Adding a name to your favorite knife can also help keep track of it if you use it on the job.  Our Lasers will engrave metal, wood, glass, plastics, leather.  When ordering, simply choose your font and enter text for engraving.  If you order a knife with engraving as an option, we will engrave the blade - typically the back of the blade. We can offer custom quotes for your specific company logo or image.  We require a high-quality vector image.  Please contact us for more information or a custom quote.

Custom knife engraving in Egypt



Custom knife engraving in Egypt is our specialty at the Sekeen store! If you're looking for engraved knives to give as a gift, award, corporate promo or to help diminish the risk of your knife being stolen (who would want a knife with your name on it besides you?), then add our fast, professional engraving service in Egypt to your knife. Our knife engraving is done by seasoned professionals and contrary to popular belief, it does not delay your order more than 2-3 business days in most cases. Often the knife ships the same day WITH personalized engraving! We utilize state-of-the-art laser engraving, to ensure that your engraved knife is professionally done by our professional engraving staff. Because the only things we engrave are knives, we are the industry leader in knife engraving and have proficiencies allowing us to engrave your knife at a great price, in a timely manner with outstanding results. Most of our knives are engravable and once personalized they make a unique gift. From Dads to grads to groomsmen, choose from our custom pocket knives and hunting knives for a personalized knife for him that makes a fantastic gift he will cherish for years!

Japanese chef knives in Egypt


Japanese chef knives in Egypt is the perfect tool for all your slicing, dicing, chopping, and cutting needs. A major reason why some chefs prefer to keep at least one Japanese knife in their role is that they are easier to sharpen than western or European knives and provide better edge retention when looked after with care.  Just like your kitchen needs, even Japanese knives are very different from each other. This makes it very important for you to understand what to look for when buying a Japanese knife so you can determine which knife is best suited for your kitchen needs.

Japanese chef knives in Egypt have a rich history stemming from centuries of crafting Samurai swords. Japanese steel is forged painstakingly by hand and folded many times to create a blade that is both strong and durable, something every kitchen needs. Some Japanese chef knives in Egypt are known for their beautiful styles along with diverse functions.

Sushi knife set in Egypt

Sekeen provides Sushi knife set in Egypt. In the high-end series for professional use, the Japanese-style kitchen knives are generally said still have better sharpness than the Western-style ones because of the better combination of production method, structure, and materials, and are indispensable existence in the Japanese-style dish which requires delicate handling and razor-sharpness for especially slicing raw fish for Sashimi and Sushi in which a cutting end surface divides superiority or inferiority. Most sushi knives are made of high-carbon steel (not stainless steel). This means that the steel rusts easily, but is capable of attaining a much sharper edge.

One unique trait of Sushi knife set in Egypt and sashimi is their single beveled edge. These knives are sharpened so that only one side holds the cutting edge and the other side remains flat. The flat edge is there so that food doesn’t stick to the knife.

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