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Posted on 11/22/2021 in Other

Tysons Personal Injury Lawyer | Car Accident Law Firms in Vienna, VA

Tysons Personal Injury Lawyer | Car Accident Law Firms in Vienna, VA


The law imposes a duty on everyone to act reasonably so as not to harm themselves or others. If someone fails to act with an appropriate standard of care and another person gets injured, they can be liable for negligence. 

Injured individuals should talk to a personal injury attorney about their legal options. Every jurisdiction within the US has a legal definition for negligence. In Tennessee, a victim must prove the following five elements:

  • The defendant owes a duty of care to the plaintiff. 
  • Conduct by the defendant falls below the standard of care owed to the plaintiff. 
  • Cause-in-fact, meaning the plaintiff would not have suffered the injury without the actions of the defendant. 
  • Proximate cause, meaning the injury the plaintiff suffered was foreseeable and not interrupted by superseding events. 
  • The plaintiff sustained damages, entitling them to monetary compensation.

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