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Posted 11/14/2022 by Liftdex

Types of Barbell Exercise Equipment

Types of Barbell Exercise Equipment

Free weights are the most popular barbell exercise equipment because they are inexpensive and versatile. They consist of metal bars that are weighted at both ends. Users can adjust the weight they want to lift by changing the number of plates on each end. Free weights are safe and effective because they do not move around while lifted. However, they require a lot of space.

 Dumbbells are smaller than free weights and weigh less than 1/10th of what free weights weigh. Because of their size, they are easier to store and transport. They are also safer than free weights because they do not move while being lifted; however, they cannot be adjusted as quickly as free weights.

 Kettlebells are similar to free weights but have handles rather than ends. They are often used for rehabilitation purposes, and they are also helpful for developing upper body strength.

 Medicine balls are round objects filled with air. They are used for core training, and they are also helpful for rehabilitating injuries.

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