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Posted 09/05/2023 by Marie Burgos Design

Trendy Interior Home Designs With Marie Burgos Interior Design

The latest interior design trends that are getting popular throughout the home design industry are new, untouched, and fresh designs. You can try the 2024 interior design trends and designs by Marie Burgos interior design. The use of colors, textures, and materials is all new and innovative. It is a crucial factor in designing your space, whether it is a home or a business space, with the best interior design, as interior designing plays a vital role in making a positive vibe to the space and making the environment pleasant. 


For this, you need to hire the best professional interior designer who will help you plan your space design according to your style and preference. Marie Burgos Design is a professional interior designing firm that offers a wide range of interior design services. In this blog, you will get to explore the latest trends and designs of interior design. 


1. Long, Sculptural Pendants 


When it comes to dining, bedroom, or living room lighting and designing, the design has mostly been inspired by oblong shapes, casting targeted, and tantalizing glows. Nowadays, the funnel lights design is also getting popular as it gives warm, flattering, and sociable vibes to the space. The trend of using statement lighting pieces can add up as a decorative and functional element to the space. 


2. Gold Plated Ceramics 


The interior designer Marie Burgos uses minimalist palettes with a touch of Midas hint, giving it a pretty and hand-painted ceramic offering to your space. It is a style that is utilized by Jo Davies and Pinto, too, folding perfectly, giving minimalism to the interior design. 


3. Variations On Gold 


The vibe of shimmering-like sunsets and pleasantly warm and flaxen hue is elevating interiors with a touch of pure luxe. You can add the touch with Bethan gray furniture that goes cohesive with the theme. The design of Arflex has it on chairs, and many designers are using it on wallpapers, tiles, and more. Marie Burgos Interior Design has many colors to go with gold, meaning this hue can be used for layering to make an interior feel warm and livable. 


Get The Best Interior Designing Ideas Here!


If you are searching for the best interior design firm to give you your desired bedroom, look designer and dreamy. Then you have landed at the right place; Marie Burgos Design offers the best interior designing services for residential and commercial properties. You can contact Marie Burgos Interior Design for an eye-catching interior for your space. To know more about them, visit their website. 

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