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Posted on 11/16/2021 in Sports

Thumb Tape Weightlifting while Exercising

Thumb Tape Weightlifting while Exercising

For one to enjoy good exercise using gym equipment you must get noticed and inform with the quality equipment. When exercising with metals, you can bear with me that they are not user friendly. Once you handle any gym equipment made with metals, you will feel the stiffness of it. This stiffness is most important thing that people are afraid when you call on exercising using gym equipment. I have friends who always ask, what are the way to protect thumbs while exercising. Most people said is by applying glove to your hand and I asked, does glove made to protect your thumbs against gym metals. Does glove protect your thumbs or hands? To be honest, gloves are made to cover your palms and thumbs but they are not specifically made to protect your thumbs from gym equipment. 

Those who manufactured gym equipment have brough solution to thumbs stiffness but most people always ignore the small piece of gym equipment which is made for thumbs protection. There is one piece of gym equipment made for thumb protection which is called Thumb Tape, this piece of equipment helps you to protect your thumbs while exercising. 

One will ask how possible is it that this equipment can protect your thumb. Let take this lesson serious. Thumb tape weightlifting are not made for medical use, they are produced for protection of your thumbs while you exercise. The manufacturers made it categorical clear that this equipment is made for thumb protection against stiffness growth, when you start exercising newly using gym equipment, you may ignore using this piece of equipment, but when you exercise for weeks or month, you will observe that your thumbs are growing stiff than the way it was. As a beginner in exercising using gym equipment, my best adverse is for you to start using thumb tape for thumbs protect. This piece of equipment helps you to hold the weighted exercising equipment with confident, this equipment helps your exercising skills to grow more than expected. 

The benefit of using Thumb tape. 

  1. You Exercise with confident and protective 
  2. You hold the gym equipment strongly because the thumb tape accepts the metals steels shape and stiff 
  3. It increases your chance of exercising without risk of injuries. 
  4. With Thumb tapes, you can overcome challenges of lifting barbells easily. 
  5. Weightlifting thumb tape helps you against stiffness thumb, either it increases your thumb softness. 

I have a friend Who exercise often without thumbs while using gym equipment, whenever I greet him by hand shaking, his thumbs are always stiff and I keep wondering what is dudes primary work. One day I approached him and ask him, what is your profession? He said he work as freelancer, I said what! He said yes, he is a freelancer, I was like wow. I now ask him, why is your thumb so stiff, He bust out with laugh. He said is because of exercising with gym equipment. I ask him dude you mean you do not protect your thumbs while exercising? He said he doesn't understand. I ask him again, you mean while exercising you don’t protect your thumbs from all metals in gym industries, He said he always wear glove but it doesn't work perfectly. I said to him, the best way for you to stay committed with good thumbs and stiffness free is by using thumb tape against metals. Gloves are not made to prevent gym equipment stiffness either is weightlifting thumb tape.  

Conclusion: For a good and stiffness free thumbs, please always apply thumb tapes while exercising. This piece of equipment is not costly. Is either 5$ of 6$ for your own safety while exercising and do not encourage anyone to embark on exercising without wearing his or her thumb tape. Remember wearing weightlifting thumbs is when you want to lift a weighted equipment. Always stay safe and enjoy best exercising. 

Posted by Liftdex Strength and Equipment
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