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Things to Know Before Buying RV Carports

Things to Know Before Buying RV Carports

Your RV will ultimately start to deteriorate if it is exposed to the outdoors for an extended period. The RV's roof often displays indications of exposure first, followed by the siding, which starts to fade and break. The RV carports fulfils the same function for a lot less money than purchasing a completely covered garage to store your RV.

The standard choice for protecting a motor home, fifth wheel, and mobile homes is an RV carport. We've created a list of "need to know" items for RV owners thinking about getting an RV carport.


Owners put paneling on the side of their carport to increase the protection for your RV. We provide clients the option to add top, bottom, closed, or no walls to their carports. Closed walls are recommended for maximum protection, however top walls are also excellent for providing protection. 

Along with offering protection and shade, the panels that span the length of the RV carport help strengthen the structure. Panels assist keep your RV dry since, as we all know, rain doesn't always fall straight down, especially during strong storms.


Choosing the ideal size for your RV carport is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects in the procedure. To make sure your carport isn't too tiny, you must account for the length, width, and height of the RV. Owners of RVs without slide outs typically find that a width of 12' is sufficient. 

The smallest and least expensive choice is a 12-foot-wide RV carport. The most popular choice for RVs with expanded slide outs is an 18-foot-wide carport. With your slide out of extended, you can store your RV under this size carport. 

Depending on size of your RV and how much space you have, your carport's length and height will change.


There are three types of roofing available: vertical, standard, and A-frame. The vertical roof system is the ideal and most popular type of roofing. The strongest of our available solutions is the vertical roof system. Due to its capacity to shed leaves, dirt, and other waste, the roof design also requires less upkeep and cleaning. Water rushes directly down the roof due to the roof's tilt, which lessens the possibility of any roof system leaks.


You could need specific anchor systems based on where you reside. There are several anchors available when buying an RV carport. For instance, lag bolts used for wood, high wind anchors, rebar anchors, and concrete anchors. Auger anchors, which are utilized in locations subject to severe winds or tornadoes, are typically included with carports.

Determine where you want to put your carport and what anchors you'll need before you buy it. Locating your garage in an open place far from trees is another wise advice. You wouldn't want a tree to harm your RV or carport during a storm.

RVs may be highly expensive to buy yet are utilized as homes away from homes. Your personality is reflected in the appearance of your RV. Our RV carports come with a warranty to keep your RV safe and in great shape for years to come.

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