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The use and loading of scaffolding

The use and loading of scaffolding

Proper use and loading of the scaffolding structure are another aspect which directly affects safety of its users. The scaffolding Dubai satisfies the constructional requirements as well as the safety requirements associated with the installation of the internal guardrails; however, the worker stands directly on the inner rail, causing a load to which the component is not adjusted and may be damaged.  

In addition, the person leans over the scaffolding, exposing himself to falling from a height. The unacceptable use of the guardrails is also used to protect such person for falling from height. In some situation, the pipes used for pumping concrete or parget are suspended on the scaffold. The dynamic load caused by these pipes and may loosen screw joints in the scaffolding.

The typical anchoring system is not adapted to this type of load and therefore the stability of the entire structure may be compromised. Additionally, scaffolding users may feel discomfort caused by this type of load.

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