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Posted 11/16/2022 by Onviqa Pvt. Ltd.

The Rebranding of Sky Technovation as Onviqa Private Limited

The Rebranding of Sky Technovation as Onviqa Private Limited

As we change our old clothes with the new one but the idea of better way of living remains constant. Same goes with us, SKY TECHNOVATION changed its name and rebranded as ONVIQA PRIVATE LIMITED, but the idea of providing innovative and much better life remains constant. We always look forward to provide India’s best technology by building better innovations. And our all imagination is being created as a reality by our hardworking developers and employees. And the feedbacks including good or bad provided by our clients always motivate us to do more, like the cherry on the cake.

Sky Technovation which is now Onviqa Private Limited was founded in 2014.


The two young minds, Akash Fasara and Hiren Bhuva founded the company in 2014 with the vision of creating imagination into reality. The beginning was not smooth but their will to give better to this world in the field of technology was way more strong. The worked hard to grown the sapling into a big tree and their dedication towards the company all worth it. The Onviqa Private Limited is growing rapidly and breaking its own records day after day. The founders of the company are willing to give their all to make their dream into reality and it is clearly visible in the company’s growth rate.

Any imagination can’t be fulfilled alone, and there are always bunch of people who are ready to do anything for us. Yes! We talking about the Onviqa team. The developers, designers, programmers, mobility experts, and QA experts and the system support never give up to satisfy any of their client’ need. They setting the bench mark of how well a teamwork can be done every day. The never fail to respond to their clients and they never turn their back whenever they face any failure.

Onviqa‘s founder and its team working day and night to make the things possible which was impossible once. They never give up and taking the Onviqa into different heights. No wonder why Onviqa is so reliable and optimum company.

Idea behind rebranding Sky Technovation into Onviqa Private Limited

As the world keep changing their way of living just to fulfill their way of better living. Sky Technovation rebranded as Onviqa Private Limited because the name Onviqa signifies the vision of the company better and we can say that it Onviqa states more about the company idea and its goal in better way. Same like better way of living, it deliver our views to the clients in more efficient way. The new changes always brings excitement in people same goes with us , the new name bringing more enthusiasm and excitement in the Onviqa team as well as in the clients . We can clarify it in tech language as every software needs an update to work more efficiently and more accurately, we Onviqa needed too. But our goal to provide the better innovation remains constant.

The next 5 years of Onviqa

After 5 years we see as more reliable and more strong company in the tech world and we are 100% sure about it because as we see our past reports and the company growth Onviqa is so strong then its past years and fulfilling everyone’s dreams even after facing the challenges in day to day life. The Onviqa team is the front of the company which facing numerous problems and solving them without any fear, the founders are the backbone of the company as they providing support and passing their will to each and every person in Onviqa. Without a doubt, Onviqa will have rigorous growth in next 5 years leaving smiles in everyone’s face and stepping more close to their vision and goal.

Contributing in Indian Export Industry & Economy

We the Onviqa not only want to be limited in clients but also we want to contribute in Indian Export Industries and Indian Economy. Our daily approach is to make our country prosperous and contribute to Indian economy as much as WE can. We want to make Indian export industries more stronger than they were before and work for the betterment of the country. By developing various powerful partnerships, implementing the high strategies with the use of Onviqa's forward-thinking attitude and strong skills and following our Unwavering commitment.

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