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Posted 01/11/2022 in 4 by Liftdex

The movement of Body Armor

The movement of Body Armor

Simply speaking, the design of ballistic-resistant armor requires identifying the threat, selecting a material or combination of materials that will resist that threat, and determining the number of layers of material necessary to prevent both penetration and blunt trauma injury.  

The armor’s final weight is an important design factor in the selection of the ballistic-resistant material or materials to be used. The goal of tactical vest is to design the lightest possible unit that achieves the desired protection while still providing comfort and not restricting movement. The degree of threat to armor from handguns depends on many factors: caliber, bullet configuration, weight lifting and composition (e.g., lead roundhouse, jacketed hollow-point, full metal jacketed, armor piercing), weight, and impact velocity.  

As with clothing, which allows selection from a limited range of garment type and weight depending on climate and season, it has proven satisfactory to establish six armor types (protection level classifications) that enable the selection of armor to protect against most common threats, including sporting and armor-piercing rifle bullets. All wearers are advised to follow a periodically review to the information used to select the level of protection (armor type classification) when the armor was purchased.  

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