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Posted on 10/06/2021 in Education

The Benefits of an Architecture Degree to Work in Dubai

The Benefits of an Architecture Degree to Work in Dubai

If you are fascinated by buildings and their designs, then an architecture degree might be right for you. Architecture not only describes buildings but also the technicalities and methods of constructing these physical structures.

Pursuing an architecture degree in the UAE might be challenging, but worth the hassle. You must be ready to work hard for an extended period because you are training to design structures for human use. This means that you’re responsible for the reliability and safety of these structures. Studying architecture requires you to be passionate about sciences and art.

What You Need to Know Before Studying Architecture

If you want to become an architect, you need higher education; there is no way around. It requires education and experience; that’s why you need to study at a reputable university. It also requires you to work hard and long even after graduation; you can opt to continue learning; this gives you a competitive edge in the job market.

Although some architects might not agree that architecture requires strong math skills, universities require you to be excellent in high school math. Being good at math increases your chances of getting accepted into architecture schools.

If you decide to study architecture, do not do it for the money, do it for passion because sometimes it can be tedious. You have to work with details like lines, angles, and measures to bring an image to life.

Benefits of an Architectural Degree in Dubai

Architecture allows you to shape society by designing buildings, spaces, and cities. Architecture is essential in our lives; here is how it can help you and your professional life.

Many Career Options

One of the main benefits of an architecture degree in Dubai is that it gives you a variety of careers to choose from. For instance, technical architect, design architect, BIM manager, interior designer, spec writer, landscape architect, facility manager, etc. You don’t have to stick to a single role; architects acquire many skills like problem-solving and critical thinking that allow them to work in various positions.

Architecture is Always Evolving

Architecture is always evolving; styles, designs, and materials differ from what was used in the past. Architecture hails from the need for security, sanctuary, and shelter; today, it’s about modernity, technology, comfort, and elegance as a reflection of the times. Architecture is an exciting profession; you will always work on projects and new designs. There will always be a need for new buildings.

You Can Work Anywhere

Although architects can work from anywhere; an architecture degree in Dubai from a reputable university allows you to work anywhere in the world. Major cities like Dubai are known for their magnificent architectural spaces; they contribute to the city’s image and livability. These cities continue to improve and need more work done.

Career Longevity

Studying architecture has many benefits like career longevity; you can practice this profession for as long as you want. You will be an architect your whole life; nobody can take that away. Most architects get better with time, so don’t worry if you think you’re not the best. You will continue to be relevant and compete in the market like other professions.

Decent Income

Architecture will always be on-demand, and you’ll enjoy decent pay to take of your basic needs. Because of this, you’re assured of a decent income – this provides security and stability, and it makes life easier.

Apart from adding value to society, it feels good to get paid for your work. Although this should not be the only reason you want to pursue architecture, having a decent income improves your life and those around you. For instance, you can buy a better house and fund your hobbies like traveling.

Be Your Own Boss

The good thing about being an architect is that you can be employed or self-employed. Most professionals in this field seek work to gain the experience they need. However, others grow out of this and start their own firms while others choose to remain employed. Each option is great and depends on the individual. Almost 1/3 of architects are self-employed; this gives you flexibility, freedom, and you get to create jobs as you can employ a few assistants.

A Conducive Work Environment

A negative work environment can be toxic and pose potential physical and mental health issues. This profession does not require you to work in a harsh environment or get exposed to the elements; you work in offices. Architects work in comfortable offices with decent lighting, space, sound, and temperature. This stimulates innovativeness and creativity, allowing you to present your best job. This increases your appeal as an employee and leads to a better competitive edge in the job market. When you enjoy your work, it leads to job satisfaction which makes you more productive.

Using Creativity in Your Work

One of the most beautiful aspects of pursuing an architecture degree in Dubai is that it allows you to use creativity to design spaces and buildings. This industry accommodates and appreciates each architect. Apart from this, you can use your imagination and unique style in your designs. Being an architect is more than a profession; it is a lifestyle.

Contribution to Society

One of the most outstanding contributions of architects to society is that their work remains even after they are gone. Apart from designing buildings, architects work with interesting people and clients to create better professional spaces, cities, better homes, and communities. Architecture has a great impact on our lives; there have been impressive inventions that have enabled us to live a healthier, smarter, and quality life.

Architecture communicates joy, chaos, peace, or pride in one’s history and culture. Different streets are known for their buildings, and various cities are known for their record-breaking skyscrapers, for instance, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is the tallest building in the world.


Architects do more than design buildings and spaces; they influence society and how we live. They build safe hospitals, living spaces, and cities. Apart from career longevity and a decent income, being an architect allows you to leave your mark through the work you design.


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