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Posted on 09/27/2021 in Business

Techtra Digital The Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

Techtra Digital The Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

Techtra Digital is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi India for Website Designing, E-Commerce Account Management Services, Social Media Marketing, SEO.


Website Designing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Online Reputation Management, Mobile App Development, Pay Per Click (PPC)

TECHTRA DIGITAL, an excellent client serving agency deriving its roots from marketing and design, is the best digital marketing agency and marketing consultant for you. Therefore we are here to build your brand and growth your business prospects. First of all, Techtra as a platform makes sure that your business reaches its height and drive more customers.

What are the major components of a website design?

When creating a website, there are five main components that you need to incorporate in your website to make it appeal to your potential online customers. You can either hire an in-house team of designers and developers, or you can give your project to a professional website designing company Delhi.

  • User friendly interface – No one likes a website which is just plain or confuses the user with various options. Majority of users leave the website because they were unable to find what they are looking for or simply they did not find the website attractive enough. One needs to keep in mind that the website is simple and uses attractive fonts, colors and images. 
  • Layout of Website - Your website layout should be such that your website makes sense to your potential audience when they visit them. As majorly search engines prioritize user experience, your goal while making the website should be that the users get what he is searching for with minimum clicks.
  • Mobile Friendly Template – As consumers like to have information on the go on their mobile devices, the website should be designed as such that it adapts to mobile devices perfectly. There should be no awkward zoom in or zoom out. Plan the website designing while keeping in mind both desktop and mobile. 
  • SEO - There is no use for businesses to have a website if it is not visible in the search results. This is where you need to have SEO which helps in optimizing your website and making in visible in various search engines. Keep your audiences in mind and try to stick to words that are more specific and implement those keywords wisely in your site copy, metadata, captions, media tags, and file names.
  • Optimized Webpages – One of the major reasons why a customer will leave your website is if the page is taking ages to load. Hence, you need to optimize your website content in a way that it doesn’t slow down your website. 

Hence, in conclusion, one must ensure that the website designing company Delhi or other areas ensures good visibility of your business and fulfill all the conditions to make your website visible on Google and various other search engines. 

Posted by Mohit Sharma
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