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Posted 08/21/2023 by Keystone Law Firm

Super Senior Citizens

Super Senior Citizens

If you’ve been retired for a while and are starting to see your grandchildren finish college or get married, you are probably beginning the next phase of life: you’re a Super Senior Citizen!

Remaining financially & personally independent, not becoming a burden to your children, staying engaged in the community, and passing along the hard-earned wisdom from a successful life…these things are on your mind.

Legacy Care Services For Retirement In Arizona

Healthcare, taxes, Social Security, Medicare, rising living costs…are big concerns and things you worry about nowadays.

Staying healthy, finding great doctors and healthcare treatment shouldn’t be the worry of your day, but they are. Maybe you’re even worried about the need for more help, like from an assisted living facility or memory care home. You never thought you’d be worried about THOSE things, yet here you are.

A few years ago, when my dad was diagnosed with a really rare form of cancer, we were all scared.  He was way too young.  My mom was way too young.  Heck, I was way too young.  It was supposed to be “that” time yet.  We all searched for the best oncologists and the best treatment plan.  We wanted him to have decades more life of good health.  That was a scary couple of years.  My dad has since fully recovered and been given a clean bill of health, thank God.  But we all remember the fear of those days. 

 These are big problems and we understand that. You don’t want to have to shop around at five different places to find answers.  You just want a estate planning professional who has solved your problems hundreds of times before, and can solve yours right now.

The Legacy & Care Stage of Life is delicate.  You’ve got to keep control of everything, not run out of money, make sure you maintain your own dignity, and stay as active as you can.

Call for a Free Case Evaluation of your circumstances. You’ll just answer a few questions with our Client Intake staff to help figure out what your options are.

We charge flat fees for most services, so with us, you’ll get individual attention and an expert guide without any surprise bills.

We’re Here For You

At Keystone Law Firm, your concerns become our concerns. We offer honest advice in a stress-free environment.

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