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Posted on 05/07/2019 in Health and Fitness

SLAP Tear Surgery

SLAP Tear Surgery

The labrum is the cartilage made of fibers that forms a layer over the shoulder. The ball of the socket joint is stabilized by this. When the shoulder labrum is torn, it can lead to severe complications. The severity of the labrum tear determines pain intensity. There are several symptoms of this condition and these include:

  • When moving the arms, there can be intense pain. Pain also can be experienced even when the arms are at rest.

  • The shoulder cannot move freely. There is a catching sensation that prevents the free range of motion.

  • A popping sensation is also experienced while doing the shoulder movement.

  • Some people might experience grinding sensation.

  • The range of motion of the shoulder is restricted. It is not easy to move the arms upwards or carrying heavy weights.

A SLAP tear surgery is considered by the physicians to treat these symptoms.


There can be different causes of the shoulder labral tear. Most of the times, the two reasons are dominating. Trauma and degenerative diseases that lead to serious wear and tear of the labrum. When a person falls with an outstretched arm for example, or when someone lifts heavy objects for extended periods, these labral tears can happen. This is mostly common in athletes. Imagine a cricket player falling with the ball that he has caught. This fall can lead to tear in the labrum. Accidents during driving can also lead to this condition. Also, in the sports field, some movements of the shoulder joints are repetitive. Serving a ball is a classic example. Aging is also a reason behind the labral tear. The condition is common in people who are into sports. Or this can also affect people who do overhead motions continuously, like hammering that is a part of many construction jobs. Heavy lifting often too can lead to this condition.


The SLAP tear surgery is the treatment method that can help the patients to reduce pain, and make most of their shoulder joint. This is a surgery that involves small incision. When other methods do not work, the surgery is considered. This means, the doctor starts with medication and physical therapy. This is a low risk surgical method, and can be used to treat various conditions that can cause pain in the shoulder joint, and lead to stiffness. Tears in rotator cuff, bursal inflammation and damage in the cartilage can also be treated with the SLAP lesion repair.

An arthroscope is used in this procedure. The arthroscope is sent into the affected area through the incision, and the surgeon gets a better view of the joint, damaged cartilage and the labrum.


The lesion is repaired, and most of the times, the patient is sent home the same day, based on the treated tear’s severity. The surgeon would also recommend physical therapy to improve the motion range for a few weeks.

The recovery period of SLAP tear surgery is short, as the incisions are smaller and the stitches are very few. The procedure is followed by follow up treatments, and medication. The recovery period is about 6 weeks.

Posted by Hillary Tailor
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