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Safety of Scaffolding

Safety of Scaffolding

When working on height, your safety becomes the top priority.  Safety is topmost priority at construction sites; using scaffolding, therefore, becomes important for creating a secure workplace for workers who work at heights during the construction of a building.

Another advantage of using scaffolding is that it provides a flat and balanced working platform that allows multiple workers to work on a site simultaneously. This really helps in the speedy construction of different structures. Maintaining balance for workers becomes easier with scaffolding equipment; so, the chances of unwarranted accidents go down.

Scaffold also requires handrails on the top platform reducing the chances of injury. These are also important for the safety of pedestrians and the public.

Note: Not all redress scaffolding depends on tubing and piping. In redress scaffolds, the main building elements are designed so as to fit snuggly and are more modular. The distinguishing characteristic of redress scaffold design is that ledgers and transoms feature end-devices which enable them to drop securely into pre-fabricated ‘V’ pressings on each standard.

Spire is then used to fix each ledger and transom in place. Sometimes, instead of a ‘V’ pressing on standards, a ring unit will be present instead. In these cases, ledgers and transoms fit into each ring and are secured by a cup-shaped device that slides down the standard.

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