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Posted on 09/14/2021 in Business

Queries Regarding Chillers for Swimming Pools - Answered

Imagine you jumped in swimming pool to cool yourself down but found the water warm – how will you feel? Of course not happy! To avoid such situations, installing chillers for swimming pools is often recommended. Want to know more about a chiller for pool? Then scroll down!

What is a chiller for pool or pool chiller?

A chiller for pool is an electric machine that circulates and cools the water in your pool down. By circulating the pool water the overall temperature of your swimming pool gets lowered naturally. To avoid running your pool pump all day, you can go for a chiller for pool that keeps the water moving along with additional airflow to make it much more revitalizing.

Are chillers for swimming pools worth it?

If you do not want to get your pool water heated up on a hot summer day and want to experience a relaxing time while diving into the pool, then chillers for swimming pools are completely worth it. It is definitely a worthy investment.

What is a relaxing water temperature for swimming?

Most of the experts recommend that for swimming there is a suitable water temperature which lies in between 78 and 86 degrees. So if you find the temperature of your pool water is higher than this range during the summer months, then you must consider installing a chiller for pool to bring the temperature a notch down.

What are the benefits of having a pool chiller?

Besides from cooling down your swimming pool water and making it ideal for swimming, a pool chiller can also combat algae and save you money on pool chemicals. When the water circulation increases and temperature cools down, algae are less likely to take hold on your pool surface.

How long a pool chiller can last?

The average life span of a pool chiller ranges in between 10 and 20 years. It depends on the brand, how well you are maintaining it and how often you use it.

Is running a pool chiller expensive?

Pool chiller isn’t as expensive as a pool heater. The chillers for swimming pools are much more energy efficient and can be less expensive depending upon how often you use it and what type you are using. Pool chillers that use solar energy may cost you even less.

How much a pool chiller costs?

Pool chiller prices vary depending on the size of your pool, the manufacturer, and the type of pool chiller you buy. The larger the pool, the bigger pool chiller you will need and the more it may cost.

When can you install a pool chiller?

You can install a pool chiller at any time. Whether it is your new pool or a pool of ten years, you can install a pool chiller. These devices are easy to install and operate whenever you are ready to get one. One thing that you need to keep in your mind here is that if you are planning to get a pool heater with a pool chiller then you must add the pool chiller when you get the heater as you cannot add a chiller to your heat pump later.


If you have any more queries regarding chillers for swimming pools, you can get in touch with Arctic Heat Pumps today. They have a wide range of chillers for pools in their inventory. Visit https://www.arcticheatpumps.com/.

Posted by Arctic Heat Pumps
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