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Pros and Cons of Popular Bathroom Features

Pros and Cons of Popular Bathroom Features

Thinking of renovating your bathroom?

Broken pipes or blockages underneath the bathroom used to mean a major renovation, as the only one to fix them was through excavation.

However with today’s trenchless plumbing solutions, it’s now up to you whether you’re ready for a new look or not!

The hot trends in bathrooms today are all about clean lines and sleek shapes, avoiding clutter and small pieces of free-standing storage.

Instead, think bespoke cabinetry and floating shelving, which help to create a relaxing and simplistic space.

Let us explore the good, and the not so good in bringing these trends to your bathroom renovation!


  1. High End Rain Showerheads

Pros - Pure luxury with a gentle and smooth water flow! These can save you money whilst doing your part to help the planet, by reducing water consumption.

Cons – They do take up more space and it helps if you have high ceilings! Some rain showerheads may leak, and maintenance can be difficult.


  1. Wet Rooms 

Pros - Creates the feeling of a larger space, and a wet room can raise the value of your home as they are very on trend at the moment. A wet room can take on many forms and your imagination can go wild with fixtures and finishes.

Cons – No surprise but everything gets wet, from the tile to the toilet paper! Tiling a wet room can be expensive and not all building materials can be used in this space.


  1. Plumbing on Display 

Pros – Exposed pipework creates a unique industrial look that can turn heads. Easy access for maintenance is indeed an added bonus, with this feature. 

Cons – Exposed pipes are awkward to clean, and at greater risk of damaged. If using copper, keep in mind that oxidisation will eventually turn these pipes green – are you prepared for more cleaning?


  1. Glass Panels

Pros – These can be fully customizable to fit the needs of your home. Glass panels are a great way to modernise your bathroom’s aesthetic. Unlike framed shower panels, they are corrosion free.

Cons – Glass panels do tend to be more high maintenance, and require more cleaning. If not installed with precision you may experience leaks, and there is a higher risk that the glass may crack or shatter if you accidentally run hot water directly onto it. And of course, there is less privacy.


While it’s easy to get carried away by the thought of a good looking bathroom, most people recognise that practicality is still crucial. Having a conversation with your local plumber regarding the pros and cons of your vision would be well worth it, so you can enjoy your stylish new bathroom for many years to come!

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