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Posted 09/30/2023 by Macro Golf

"Precision on the Green: Unleashing the Split Hands Putter Technique"

The Split Hands Putter, a revolutionary approach to putting in golf, is gaining momentum among players who aim to enhance their putting accuracy and control. This unique technique has the potential to transform your short game by optimizing your putting stroke. In this piece, we will delve into the Split Hands Putter, its distinct advantages, and how you can seamlessly integrate it into your golfing repertoire.

Understanding the Split Hands Putter Technique

The Split Hands Putter, often referred to as the Split Grip Putter, entails a distinct alteration of the traditional putting grip. While conventional putting grips involve both hands gripping the putter handle together, the Split Hands Putter separates these hands. The dominant hand assumes control of the top part of the putter grip, while the non-dominant hand grips the bottom part, creating a division or "split" in the grip.

Enhancing Putting Precision and Feel

One of the most significant benefits of adopting the Split Hands Putter technique is the improved putting precision and feel it offers. By splitting the hands on the putter grip, golfers can attain a heightened sense of the putter face and its alignment with the target line. This enhanced feedback allows for greater control over the direction and distance of putts, resulting in more accurate and consistent strokes.

The Split Hands Putter also promotes a more pendulum-like putting motion, reducing the potential for jerky or inconsistent strokes. This smoother, controlled action can lead to fewer three-putts and lower scores on the green.

Transitioning to the Split Hands Putter

Transitioning to the Split Hands Putter may require some adjustment, especially if you have been using a conventional grip for your entire golfing career. However, with diligent practice and guidance, you can make a smooth transition. Start by experimenting with the Split Hands Putter during practice rounds or on the putting green. Familiarize yourself with the grip and practice short putts to develop a consistent feel for the technique.

It is often recommended to seek the assistance of a golf instructor when adopting the Split Hands Putter. They can offer personalized guidance and feedback to ensure that you are utilizing the technique effectively.


In conclusion, the Split Hands Putter is a game-changing technique that can elevate your putting game to new heights. By splitting your hands on the putter grip, you can enhance your putting precision, control, and feel. While transitioning to this unique approach may require some dedication and practice, the potential benefits make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Whether you are a novice golfer looking to improve your putting or an experienced player seeking to refine your short game, the Split Hands Putter technique is worth exploring. Embrace the opportunity to optimize your putting stroke and enjoy the satisfaction of sinking more putts with greater accuracy. So, consider integrating the Split Hands Putter into your golfing toolkit and watch your performance on the green flourish.

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