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Posted 12/22/2022 by Onviqa Pvt. Ltd.

Precise Comparison Between AngularJs Vs ReactJs

Precise Comparison Between AngularJs Vs ReactJs

The question of whether to use AngularJs Vs ReactJs has been the subject of numerous discussions.

Data Binding

Angular leverages two-way data binding. Any interface element modification automatically affects the model state. React employs one-way data binding to render interface model changes after updating the model state. The model state is unchanged when UI components change. One-way data binding offers React developers additional flexibility over online and mobile projects.


React leads Angular in Google Trends searching. As shown in a 2022 Statista poll, React is the second-most-used web framework by developers worldwide. Angular has ready-made answers, even though both technologies are growing. Thus, those front end-development frameworks were industry-renowned.

UI Components

Angular supports layouts, pop-ups, and buttons. This speeds up UI configuration. Material pieces in React require Material-UI Library plus Dependencies. Community-developed UI tools provide many UI components.


Views, Models, and Controllers comprise Angular. Angular’s complex app layout is fixed. Angular makes it easy to reuse codebases and templates by dividing codes into modules.

React has no coding format. It has a clean codebase. The use of component trees organizes code. Functional programming makes library component declarations clear.

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