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Posted 06/08/2023 by esafety supplies

Power of Floor Covers: Protecting Joints with Style

Power of Floor Covers: Protecting Joints with Style

Floor covers, specifically expansion joint covers plates, are essential components that provide protection and durability to sealed  joints in various structures. These cover plates, made from robust galvanised steel, shield joints from damage caused by traffic while adding a touch of styles. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of floor covers, their application in different settings, and how they contribute to preserving joints in top condition.

Benefits of Floor Covers

  1. Durable and Protective: Galvanised Steel for Longevity

  • Galvanised steel, with its 5mm thickness, ensures the durability and resilience of expansion joint cover

  • These plates act as a robust barrier against UV damage and wear and tear inflicted by pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

  • By preventing physical damage to joints, the cover plates help extend the lifespan of the sealed joint and maintain its integrity.

  1. Enhancing Movement with Style: Checker Plate Design

  • The checker plate style of these floor covers features smooth slots, facilitating uninhibited movement across the joints.

  • This design ensures seamless transitions while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • By incorporating checker plate cover plates, you can achieve a perfect bleeding of functionality and visual appeal in your flooring solutions.

  1. Versatile Applications: From Roofs to Driveways

  • Expansion joint covers find extensive use in a wide range of structures including multi-deck buildings, carparks, roofs, ramps, driveways and more.

  • These covers can be conveniently installed over existing sealants, minimising the need for extensive renovations.

  • Whether you’re looking to protect joints in a commercial parking garage or add functionality to a residential driveway, expansion joint cover plates offer a versatile solution.

  1. Complete Package: Fixings and Noise Reduction

  • To ensure a hassle free installation, these plates are supplied with all necessary fixings.

  • The inclusion of rubber underlay further enhances their performance by reducing noise, creating a quieter environment.

With the complete package, you can swiftly and effectively implement floor covers while minimising any potential disruptions.

Floor covers are indispensable when it comes to protecting sealed joints from damage caused by traffic and UV exposure. With  their durable galvanised steel construction and checker plate design, these covers offer both functionality and style.

Ready to protect your joints and add a touch of style to your flooring? Explore the expansion joint cover plate available in eSafety Supplies. Don’t compromise on the quality of your flooring - order your floor covers now.

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