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Path of Exile: New lightning gems from Lake of Kalandra!

Path of Exile: New lightning gems from Lake of Kalandra!

Lake of Kalandra is the latest update to Path of Exile and the setting theme for the start of the new League. Players can visit the Lake of Kalandra using mirrors and battle hordes of enemies for loot and different POE Currency. This update is associated with the most expensive POE Currency and the rarest Mirror of Kalandra.

The following will highlight the new gems added in Lake of Kalandra update. They are lightning gems: Galvanic Field, Lightning Conduit, and Overcharge Support, each of which will have different effects and deal different damage to monsters. Players can get lightning gems by buying Divine Orb at a discounted price.

Galvanic Field Galvanic Field gives you a buff when the player electrocutes an enemy. An energy field will appear on enemies hit by the electric shock, and nearby enemies will also receive lightning damage when they hit the energy field. Lightning Conduit hits enemies proportional to how hard you hit them.

Overcharge Support is used to support other attack skills. When half of your attack skills are shocked by electricity, this gem can increase the damage of your attack skills to the enemy by half. Players can buy Path of Exile Currency to get the above new lightning gems, which can help you increase the damage effect to the enemy during the battle, and win the victory quickly.

You can also learn the specific information of Path of Exile 3.19 or related guide at the famous Path of Exile service provider, POECurrency. Players can also buy Exalted Orb/Divine Orb/Chaos Orb for Lake of Kalandra league at that site, which is more fast to make you success.

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