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Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra Patch Notes for Version 3.19.0 Revealed

Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra Patch Notes for Version 3.19.0 Revealed

Today we are discussing how to use the Lake of Kalandra to its limit to make as much currency as possible to ease your League journey to the end game. When starting fresh in every new challenge league, there are different ways to make essential currency needed to enhance your gear and be ready for the end game. The best part about Lake of Kalandra is that you can play out these encounters for free. Let's begin this guide without further ado and learn how to make early Cheap PoE Currency in the game.

Lake of Kalandra Challenge League

Throughout the league, exiles will encounter a set of columns with a mirror tablet on top–that’s how players can travel to the titular lake. The mirror on top enables them to customize their encounters and battles. After traveling through the mirror, they can fight the reflections of things past in Wraeclast.

The further into the lake they go, the more challenging the battles. Of course, this comes in proportion to better rewards. Players have to weigh the risk and reward to a satisfactory degree. They shouldn’t make things too hard, or they can’t get anything. Going for something too easy would make the prizes worth less; striking a balance is the best way.

The tablets allow players to switch around the entrances and rooms to manipulate the difficulty of the encounter. Later, they can change up the options available, even to the extent of exiling a choice so that it doesn’t come up. It’s tablet-based, so it will come up if using a different one, but avoiding the worst options is an excellent ability.

Players get rare jewelry and the opportunity to choose between two mirrored items. If a mod is positive on one accessory, it’s negative on the other. They’re also scaled much higher than usual. Sometimes, you can also mirror the stats on one of your equipment. It’s available only for rings and amulets, though. It’s also up to the player to gamble on possibly increasing the valuable stats on their stuff or keeping them as is.

When reaching the endgame, Mirrored Tablets get itemized for future use and PoE trading. Plus, there are microtransaction rewards for those who try to complete the challenge league. This is the only way to get those rewards, so players have to take the opportunity to get them.


Rather than being presented with a selection of crafting options that must be used immediately, you now receive itemised, tradeable lifeforce of the appropriate colour. This lifeforce can be used later, in your own time, at the horticrafting bench in your hideout. Its crafting options are now priced in terms of this itemised lifeforce currency.

Tier 4 bosses are now encountered much more frequently and can drop a key to fight Oshabi. She yields special lifeforce that can be used for a specific set of crafts.

We have rebalanced all Harvest crafts for the new system and have removed a bunch of filler crafts and some ones with deterministic outcomes that were incredibly RNG-gated before. Some crafts that provided access to exclusive content, like the special Offerings to the Goddess, have been removed because these items can now be found in more appropriate locations elsewhere in the game.

The result of these changes is that when you complete a harvest, you aren't presented with 30 crafts which must be either used immediately or unsafely traded to some player you've found on a community discord server. It also means that every bit of lifeforce you receive is going towards a craft that you actually want to use on one of your items, when you're ready to use it. Your interaction with the sacred grove is now far simpler as well. Just enter, pick your plots, defeat the monsters and get on with your mapping.

Like with Archnemesis and Beyond, we have also addressed the monster composition of Harvest's fights, so that it doesn't contain too many rare monster mods and so that it is of appropriate difficulty for its rewards. In addition, the rewards for Harvest now scale with map quantity and pack size, incentivising you to juice your maps. Previously the crafts you received were not scaled up at all if you played a harder map.

Lake of Kalandra Mechanics

Not all tiles are made equally, there are really 4 types of tiles. There's your normal tile which is weird monsters and these come in lightning, chaos, and physical that you can choose from. Then we have league mechanic tiles. This is a tile set that has past lead mechanics on it. Next is the manipulation tiles, these are basically stuff that affects the board directly. It does not fill anything out, it is just there to make your board better. There are 4 manipulation tiles: swap water with an empty tile, transform water into empty, change entrance with an empty tile and destroy the table. The last one is special tiles, which are basically your money maker. These are incredibly profitable, but also really difficult especially since some of their essences are almost impossible once you get to like tier 8.

PoE currency is essential in the game, which helps you build your gear for the end game builds and gives you a steady start. This is especially true for new players who lose interest in the journey to the end game. This season, GG has added the Lake of Kalandra, which will help all players reach the end game much faster and have fun along the way. Try out the unique skills and enjoy the various builds by farming PoE currency. You also can Buy PoE Currency from IGV

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