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Posted 03/01/2023 by Centralbiohub

Order Human Biospecimens for research from Central BioHub

Order Human Biospecimens for research from Central BioHub

The use of human biospecimens in research is becoming increasingly vital. To support this, many residual samples from diagnoses are collected and stored in biobanks worldwide for research. Access to a diverse range of human specimens is crucial for advancing clinical trials and diagnostic studies. In any clinical or biomedical research, human bio specimens gathered from various patients serve as versatile and valuable source material for molecular and in-vitro laboratory studies, leading to the development of innovative diagnostic tools.

A wide array of human specimen matrices available at central BioHub 

Central BioHub offers a comprehensive collection of clinical research samples, including whole blood, urine, human serum and plasma samples. The samples are collected from a diverse range of individuals, including healthy donors and patients diagnosed with various diseases and stored at world-class biobanks and biorepositories

These specimens undergo a thorough examination in accredited labs and are well-annotated with comprehensive clinical profiles, donor demographics, and sample descriptions. Explore the product page and find the ideal human biospecimens for research: https://centralbiohub.de/biospecimens/specimen-matrix

● Human Serum Samples: These are human serum samples gathered from patients with diseases and self-reported healthy donors for research purposes. The serum samples are rigorously screened for standard biomarkers and disease parameters and come with a comprehensive clinical evaluation profile.

● Human Plasma Samples: High-quality plasma samples from patients and self-reported healthy donors of all ages, genders, and ethnicities are available in a range of matrices, including ACD, Citrate, CPD, CPDA, EDTA, K2 EDTA, K3 EDTA, Na EDTA, Heparin, NaHep, LiHep, K Oxalate, and NaF. The plasma samples have been thoroughly tested for various disease-specific parameters and come with a complete clinical profile.

  • Whole Blood Samples: Central BioHub offers a diverse range of human whole blood samples collected from healthy donors and individuals suffering from various diseases. These samples have undergone extensive testing in certified laboratories for disease-specific and routine analysis and come with comprehensive clinical reports. 

  • Human Urine Samples: This collection includes urine samples from healthy donors and patients of different ages, genders, and ethnicities diagnosed with various diseases. The biosamples are thoroughly characterized and come with clinical profiles, donor information, and urine analysis reports.

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