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Posted 03/27/2023 by ANANDA PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD.

Online Bengali Bookstore, Anand Publication Books

Online Bengali Bookstore, Anand Publication Books

I think we are just insects, we live a bit and then die and that’s the lot. There’s no mercy in things. There’s not even a Great Beyond. There’s nothing.

She was seething in rage. How dare he drop her from the role of a showstopper! She must get back her position and for that she needed soft, young and glowing skin!

A black insect was buzzing around the solar light. Majid did not know how to broach the topic. ‘So, what brings you here Majid Sahib?’ Majid made an ineffective attempt to clear his throat. There is a case Sir, for which, the department wants your assistance. Recently many minor Nepali girls have gone missing.’ ‘But, there is a specific anti trafficking section for that! Besides, the missing person’s department is also there, cut in Rudra, his voice revealed a mix of irritation and surprise. ‘If raids are conducted in the specific red-light areas of West Bengal, Kamathipura-Khetwari area of Pune and GB road brothels of Delhi, surely the girls can be traced! For this you being an efficient officer of the department has travelled all the way from Kolkata to here!’ Sir, replied Majid, this time the girls have just vanished into thin air. They could not be traced anywhere.  

Human skin trafficking is a disaster that has hit people across the globe and women in developing nations like Nepal, India are the most affected. Young girls with soft, supple and glowing skin from poor, uneducated families are either kidnapped or lured into the trade. The network is growing rapidly due to the lucrative nature of the trade and high demand. The skins are removed from the heavily sedated victim and sold at high price to buyers across the world. The suppliers are mostly brothels in cities like Mumbai. The victims do not complain as they are too frightened to report because they have seen others executed or tortured if they did.

The central theme of Brischik Britta by Supriyo Chaudhuri is this grisly, lesser known international trafficking. Collect your copy of Brischik Britta and other anand publication books from your very own online bengali bookstore, www.anandapub.in

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