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One Hour Device iPad Repair Specialists

One Hour Device iPad Repair Specialists

Your iPad and iPhone are tools you use throughout your busy day-to-day life. If an accident happens and you break your screen or drop your phone in water, you don't have time to wait for a lengthy Redmond iPad/iPhone repair. At One Hour Device Repair, we specialize in Redmond iPad/iPhone repairs, and can have most jobs done in an hour or less. With a low price guarantee, there is no reason for you to go without your iPad or iPhone. From screen replacements to data recovery, our Redmond iPad/iPhone repair experts can get you reconnected in no time. iPads, iPhones, Samsung, and many other devices. Redmond, Washington is located in a rich basin that was created by ancient glaciers, which covered much of the area at one time. Thousands of years prior to the first fur trappers arrived in the dense forests of the region, the fertile bottomland of the4 Sammamish Valley offered food and shelter for the Native Indians who welcomed the earliest pioneers of largely European descent. There was abundant salmon in the Sammamish River, as well as in the Squak Slough. In fact they were so abundant that men had to rake the fish from the water. Therefore, before the settlement was named Redmond, it first came to be known as Salmonberg.

One Hour Device iPad Repair Specialists Contact Details

Address :  7867 Leary Way NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Contact Number : (425) 869-6999

Website : http://www.onehourdevicerepair.com/iphone-repair-redmond-wa/

Google+ Profile : https://www.google.com/maps?cid=1640381908679645053

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