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Posted on 11/08/2021 in Food

Nutritional Facts About Maggi Pazzta Cheesy Tomato

Nutritional Facts About Maggi Pazzta Cheesy Tomato

Maggi Pazzta Cheesy Tomato is mouthwatering, quick, and easy. The pasta is made with 100 suji/ Rava (semolina) and is ready in just 5 beats! It makes a great snacking option or sides for your everyday feeds. Toss in some bell peppers or olives to make your Pasta refection more wholesome and mouthwatering!

Nutritious information per 100 g

Energy (Kcal) 339,

Protine (g) 10.3

Carbohydrate (g) 69.8,

Total Sugar (g) 7.6

Sugar (g) 4.0

Total Fat (g) 2.1

Soaked fat (g) 1.4

Trans fat (g) 0.10

Sodium (mg) 1218.1

Fibber (g) 4.2


Macaroni (Pasta) Semolina (100) (From Wheat) Unfashionable Tomato Seasoning Milk And Sugar Blend Mix (Milk Solids & Sugar), Sugar, Dehydrated Tomato Paste Solids (Tomato Paste (13.7), Anticaking Agent (551) & gob}, jack-tar, Mixed Spices ( Dehydrated Onion, Dried Garlic, Roasted Garlic, Cumin Powder, Red Chilli, Capsicum Extract, Black Pepper, Coriander Extract & Cumin Extract), Dehydrated Green Bell Pepper (7.1), Malt dextrin, Edible Starch, sleaze lotion ( muck (3) & Malt dextrin), Potato Flakes (Potato, Margarine, Salt & Turmeric), Palm Oil, Thickener (508), Flavour Enhancer (635), Oregano Bits And Acidity Regulator (296).

Storage Instruction-

Store in a cool, dry place.

Packed with the {pleasurable} flavors of rubbish and tomato, the Maggi Pazzta Cheesy Tomato Twist is a treat for the taste children. This mouth- {wetting} fusilli pasta is 100 {fierce} and provides a flavorful snacking option to satisfy your mid-day hankering. And if you want to add your healthy twist to this pasta, just add some olives and bell peppers to the blend.

The probity of Suji

Since this pasta is prepared with 100 suji or Rava (semolina), you can savor its rich, {rugged}, and wholesome palatableness in the comfort of your home.

Prepare {Fast Fast}

You can get this pasta ready in just about five flashes by simply adding the pack’s contents to a saucepan. {Either either}, add about two {mugs} of water to the countenance and {stay} till the admixture comes to a pock. Serve it hot, and the writing is on the wall! A {toothsome toothsome} plate of flavorful pasta. {Either either}, you can add some bell peppers and olives to enhance this dish’s {strange} indulgence.

It’s available in saucy, lip-smacking flavors and shapes like masala penne, sleaze beau, mushroom penne, and tomato twist. So now days go ahead and indulge yourself with the saucy& fine flavors of Maggi Pazztas. Allergens May contain soy and mustard.

Maggi is a top choice for when you need a quick and filling nibble. For a high-protein bean dish, cook the Maggi beans with a beaten egg and toss the cooked admixture with lots of grated cheese. However, {warm} the pates with chilies, garlic, If you want blocks with a {risqué risqué} kick. You can also make a {succulent} bean dish with lots of fresh vegetables and masala.

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