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Most Recommended Toothpastes

Most Recommended Toothpastes

MensHealth.com recently answered a question many people have—what toothpastes do dentists recommend?

With so many brands and types of toothpastes to choose from, it can seem overwhelming when you’re shopping and want to try something new. MensHealth.com asked a panel of dentists what they’d recommend. The panel included Dr. Young; Mark Schlesinger, D.D.S., a clinical associate professor of dentistry at New York University; Paul Levi, D.M.D., an associate clinical professor of periodontology at Tufts University School of dental medicine; and Jennifer Jablow, D.D.S., a Manhattan-based cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Schlesinger and his colleagues liked Sensoclyne ProNamel iso-active toothpaste because it’s pH balanced and works well for people with sensitive teeth and gums. Toothpastes with potassium nitrate in their mix are often used to block receptors in the mouth that turn hot or cold signals into pain. Sensoclyne’s ProNamel does a good job blocking pain.

Dr. Levi noted that brushing at a 45-degree angle helps get your toothbrush’s bristles under your gum line where bacteria flourish. To get rid of bacteria in the gums, and prevent gum disease, the dentists recommended using Colgate Total. For ultimate gum health, look for toothpastes with antimicrobial triclosan, which kills germs that lead to gum disease.

Did you know the American Dental Association checks toothpastes to see how well they function? Crest Pro-Health outshines other toothpastes because it does many things well, including whitening teeth and reducing sensitivity. And, thankfully, it helps prevent all the things you want your toothpaste to prevent: cavities, gingivitis, plaque, and—ahem—bad breath. Crest Pro-Health has one minor downside; it contains stannous fluoride, which can cause brown spot stains on your teeth. If you use the product and notice these stains, your dentist can easily remove them.

Some people like all-natural toothpaste. The dentists recommended Natural Dentist Anticavity. It contains fluoride, xylitol and aloe vera, helping prevent cavities, plaque and inflammation.

Finally, it seems people are obsessed with whitening, and the dentists recommended Supersmile Professional Whitening System, which uses hydrogen peroxide to get your teeth whiter, quickly.

DentalSave knows there are a lot of toothpastes on the market today. Hopefully, these recommendations will help you choose a toothpaste that’s right for you.

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