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Posted 02/08/2022 in 24 by Futuristic Bug

Mobile App Development Trends To Steal The Limelight In 2022

Mobile App Development Trends To Steal The Limelight In 2022

Mobile Apps have become essential for ensuring a strong virtual presence for your business. As the number of app users is rising every year, there is an increasing demand for mobile app development among entrepreneurs so that they can remain at the fingertips of their clients.

As per Statista, the number of app downloads has been on the rise since 2016. This number has exceeded 200 billion in 2019. Statista's latest report reveals that the number of app downloads has increased by more than 50% compared to 2016.

Having a mobile app for your business gives entrepreneurs a better chance of gaining more exposure.

However, one cannot sit back and relax after developing a mobile app since the digital market is fiercely competitive. What is the solution?

It is necessary to upgrade the system. Adapting to the latest app development trends is essential to upgrade your mobile app. It is also crucial to seek help from professional app developers of the top mobile app development company in India to implement the same.

Why should you embrace the new trends?

Learning about the latest trends in mobile app development will certainly help your business grow. For a better understanding, consider the following:

  • Apps with all the latest features attract more customers.

  • Keeping up with current trends will undoubtedly help you improve user experience. It will also make users stay on the site for long hours.

  • Embracing emerging trends will help you cater to modern consumers' needs. You will therefore stay competitive in today's market.

  • Upgrading your existing system is always necessary for the survival of your business. It is obvious that your customers will love an app that is cutting edge and has all the latest features.

What to watch for in 2022 in mobile app development?

The popularity of various trends is going to increase in 2022 because this will enhance your app's functionality. You should be aware of the following trends:

  • Utilization of IOT: The Internet of things (IoT) refers to a network of devices that are connected to each other through the Internet. What are the benefits of using it?

Data exchange is quicker without requiring human assistance. As a matter of fact, all your automatic home appliances are IOTs. Mobile apps and IOT will work together surely in 2022, so it is a good idea to integrate them.

What new features are coming with these apps? 

In the near future, mobile apps will give us a better level of house security while we're away from home.

  • Foldable devices are back: Currently, we can observe that various types of foldable devices are available in the market. This concept is not new to us as we are familiar with phones that were foldable.

Consequently, to design new apps, app designers should consider that the apps should be compatible with all foldable devices. Developing an app that is compatible across all screens and devices will bring you advantages in the coming days.

  • AR or Augmented reality: Augmented reality gives us the possibility of visualizing the reality in the best manner. By fusing AR into your mobile app, you are allowing your users to engage in a three-dimensional experience. In fact, the integration of AR with the mobile app is certainly beneficial for various types of businesses.

Therefore, utilizing AR smartly for your business will undoubtedly help retain customers. The importance of AR for mobile app development will no doubt increase in 2022.

  • Usage of Beacon technology: Using the mobile app is possible when the device is offline. In what way?

The beacon technology has made this possible. Using Beacons, which are wireless devices, it is possible to communicate with nearby smart devices. The communication takes place via Bluetooth.

Beacon technology offers the ability to use the offline data of users. Thus, with the help of beacon technology getting access to customers’ data is now possible. In fact, this technology provides you with a better understanding of your customers' behaviour or how they communicate. This is essential for the expansion of your business.

  • 3D graphics: The use of 3D graphics in mobile app development is certainly on the rise. Already, 3D graphics have become extremely popular in areas such as animation, gaming, and architecture etc. By utilizing 3D graphics, you can give your users a real-time experience through your app.

Hence, a 3D app is certainly beneficial for your business. With 3D graphics, you can create an app that has an attractive design and is useful as well. As a result, 3D graphics will undoubtedly be a major trend in the digital world in 2022.

  • 5G technology: When creating a mobile app using 5G technology, it certainly will help your clients have a more enjoyable experience. The usage of 5G technology with your mobile app will help you provide a better solution very quickly.

The 5G technology can also help improve the efficiency of the network. In fact, this will speed up the data transfer process. Therefore, in 2022 the application of 5G technology is likely to be greater due to its benefit in business growth.

  • Protecting the apps: Protecting an app from cybercriminals is another important aspect of app development. Cybercriminals are continually finding new and innovative ways to hack your users' personal data. In fact, they are actually trying to disrupt your business by operating your apps after hacking them.

What is the solution to this problem?

When developing an app, you should invest in securing it. Thus, when developing a mobile app, protecting the app should be a priority. It is essential to take all steps to safeguard the app with extreme care. Hence, in 2022 we can expect to see new features that are helpful in safeguarding mobile apps.


Mobile app development is important for every business these days. As the apps ensure your brand or products get easy exposure. In fact, by developing a mobile app, your interaction with your customers will also become easy.

Hence, knowing the new mobile app development trends is crucial. However, it is easy to implement the latest trends of mobile apps by choosing mobile app development services for the leading mobile app development company.

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